CNBLUE is All Smiles at 2013 BLUE MOON World Tour Live in Malaysia Press Conference

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On Friday August 23, a day before CNBLUE’s 2013 BLUEMOON World Tour Live in Malaysia, the popular 4-man Korean band CNBLUE sat in a short yet cheerful interview with the members of media. The press conference that was jointly held by DAOL Entertainment and Samsung Galaxy Music took place at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur.

CNBLUE Blue Moon Malaysia Press Conference

Greeting all the press with “Apa Khabar?” (how are you?) in their very own accent, the members are quick to touch hearts of those present that day. Even though the press conference started a bit later than schedule, the presence of all CNBLUE members was totally worth the wait as they gave their full cooperation to the press.

Clad in smart casual outfits, Jung YonghwaLee JonghyunKang Minhyuk and Lee Jungshin were all smiles throughout the press conference. Despite rushing from their previous event and having to attend more interviews and fan meeting after the press conference, the members gave their all and answered questions posed by the medias.

To warm up the press conference, the emcee of the day, TV host Lisa Wong asked a few questions for each of the member.

MC: What do you think about Malaysia so far? Maybe about the weather or the food here.

Jungshin: The weather in this country now is similar with Korea and since we are here for our first solo concert in Malaysia so we have so much expectation.

CNBLUE Jungshin Blue Moon Malaysia Press Conference

Lee Jungshin (Bassist)

MC: Have you tried the local food yet?

Minhyuk: I would love to try ‘Satay’. I have not tried it yet before this. I like all the skewered/grilled type of food so satay will be the number one thing I would like to try.

MC: Yonghwa, you have written many tracks for CNBLUE, so where and when do you get your inspirations when it comes to your song writing?

Yonghwa: Ahh, when it comes to inspirations, it’s not like I could plan them or anything, they just come naturally. Sometimes I’m inspired depending on the type of music I listen to at that time. It could also depend on the environment around me. And sometimes I get inspiration for the lyrics and sometimes it’s for melody.

MC: Jonghyun, you’re a gold medalist in judo back when you were in school. So, can you take on a bad guy if you have to?

Jonghyun: *laughs* Well now I have a lot of security hyung(s) around me, so I don’t think it’s necessary for me to take action.

CNBLUE Jonghyun Blue Moon Malaysia Press Conference

Lee Jonghyun (Guitar + Vocal)

MC: Jungshin, you are the youngest but also the tallest. So much so that you have also walked the runway as a model for some big fashion events. When you get into disagreement with your team members, will you go like “Hey, I am the tallest”? (Lisa even made body gesture. Cute!)

Jungshin: NO~ (in English)

MC: You’re a really nice person, then.

Jungshin: Thank you~

MC: Do you have any fashion advice for your teammates?

Jungshin: Well it’s not quite an advice but whenever we go, to Japan for example, we gave some ideas to our stylists, that we would like to wear something like this and such.

MC: You guys are amazing; don’t you (press) think so?
Press: Yeah~
Yonghwa: Yeah I know. *laughs*

MC: Minhyuk, you acted in Korea’s popular drama. Which is your first love? Singing or acting?

Minhyuk: My first choice is always the band. Being in the band and making music is always my priority.

* * *

The Q&A time is then opened to the members of the press. K-POPPED managed to ask a question to CNBLUE

Press: As a band you start evolving around this year. How would you describe your style?

Yonghwa: In terms of appearance or fashion?

MC: Fashion..

Yonghwa: Well, (if it’s regarding fashion) it’s all thanks to our stylists, who style us nicely all the time. But usually whatever we wear… ummm I will just stop here. *laughs*

CNBLUE Yonghwa Blue Moon Malaysia Press Conference

Jung Yonghwa (Vocalist)

K-POPPED: Yonghwa and Jonghyun are already known as successful singers and song writers. What about the “maknae(s)” of the group? Will Kang Minhyuk and Lee Jungshin take part in composing too?

Minhyuk: Usually I take notes whenever I have ideas about lyrics. But I think for now we are still in the learning process and Yonghwa is doing a good job and he’s also teaching us.  Even though we (Minhyuk and Jungshin) don’t write songs ourselves, when it was time to edit songs, we usually do it together with all members. So whenever we are doing work together I get to learn more. I’ll work harder, so by the time I reach their level, maybe we will have some songs written by ourselves in our albums.

CNBLUE Minhyuk Blue Moon Malaysia Press Conference

Kang Minhyuk (Drummer)

Press: What inspired the name BLUE MOON for your tour?

Yonghwa: Blue moon only comes once in a while but as you know, on a rare event, there are two moons appearing together and this phenomenon is called “Blue Moon“. It’s rare and special, so since this is our very first world tour, we want our tour to be just as special like the Blue Moon, so that’s how we got the name.

Q: In the next few days, you will be releasing your Japanese album. Do you have any plan to release any Korean album in the near future?

Yonghwa: We don’t write or make songs whenever we want to make a new album. We always write songs. So, whenever we are ready, and we think it’s the right time, we will release our album. You could say that we are constantly preparing for our new album. So I wouldn’t say by this certain specific date we will release our album. We are always working on it. We hope it will be released soon too.

Q: How do you make sure your songs different from other boy bands? To show that you’re CNBLUE.

Yonghwa: Well, I don’t really have a clear definition of what is CNBLUE’s color for our music, but I guess our songs are very catchy and easy for people to sing along. Also, when you listen to our music, you can just feel it’s CNBLUE’s song.

Note: We would like to take this opportunity to thank DAOL Entertainment for inviting us to the Press Conference for CNBLUE’s 2013 BLUE MOON World Tour Live in Malaysia. The experience is priceless indeed and we will cherish it forever. 감사합니다.

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