CNBLUE Rocked the Night at the 2013 BLUE MOON World Tour Live in Malaysia

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CNBLUE painted Stadium Negara BLUE last Saturday with their energetic live concert. Performing in front of 5,000 strong crowd,  everyone at the concert did not stop waving their hands and light sticks all through out the show.

CNBLUE Blue Moon in Malaysia

The Malaysian leg of CNBLUE‘s 2013 BLUE MOON World Tour was graced with an opening act by talented local beat-boxer KouJEe. Accompanied by two cellists from  Popsical and a guitarist, KouJEe performed a few numbers at the opening but the crowd was hyped when they covered “Hey You” by CNBLUE.

After a short video introduction CNBLUE appeared before the crowd, rocking the stadium out with “Where You Are”, “Get Away” and “One Time”. The band members then took turn to introduce themselves in Bahasa Malaysia which drew a loud cheer from fans on the floor.

CNBLUE Blue Moon in Malaysia 2

Front man Jung Yonghwa did very well in making the fans jump and dance to their songs “Naran Namja” (Man Like Me) and “Coffee Shop”. Lead guitarist Lee Jonghyun even ran out to the extended round stage during “Have A Good Night” and “Wake Up” which made the night burning even more.

CNBLUE also showed their abilities performing ballad songs. Starting with “Love Light”, the fans became one with CNBLUE as they put up pink hearts and colourful light sticks making the ambience  in the stadium a bit relaxed compared to the earlier numbers. Yonghwa then took the stage with “Feeling” while on keyboard and mesmerized by his performance, the whole stadium almost went to a complete silence. After that, Jonghyun sang his heart out with “These Days” while fans indulged themselves in the beautiful sound of his voice.

CNBLUE Blue Moon in Malaysia 3

Keeping the night alive with their music, CNBLUE then performed their rock numbers “Y, why”, “La La La”, “Just Please” and “Tattoo”. Bassist Lee Jungshin also took a walk around the stage and drummer Kang Minhyuk came up to the front with his drum set. And as if the atmosphere was not hot enough, they then performed their hit songs “In My Head”, “Intuition”, “I’m A Loner” and lastly “I’m Sorry“.

Just like any other Korean concerts, fans shouted for encore stage. Not long after CNBLUE came back to the stage in the official Blue Moon t-shirts and performed “Hey You”. Malaysian fans were very fortunate that night as CNBLUE performed their latest single “Feel Good” for the first time ever. The song is also the promo song for Samsung which is the official sponsor for this concert.

CNBLUE Blue Moon in Malaysia 4

They then performed “Love Girl” followed by “You’ve Fallen For Me” from the drama Heartstrings. Again, Jung Yonghwa made the crowd alive with his showmanship as he asked them to make wave not only once but twice. Popular song “LOVE” was performed next and fans sang along with CNBLUE all throughout the song. Finally, CNBLUE performed “Try Again, Smile Again” to mark the end of the concert. Before they left the stage, all CNBLUE members took photo with the fans and uploaded it on their official Twitter account.

Being in the concert and experiencing the energy throughout the two and a half hours was totally exhilarating. CNBLUE has proven to the crowd that night that they are not just a Kpop group but they can rock the stage too. Armed with their abilities to perform live with their instruments, CNBLUE probably left Malaysia with more fans than they ever had before.

CNBLUE Blue Moon in Malaysia 5

Perhaps the positive energy from each of the member was a major factor too as to why the concert was a great success. It was vivid  to everyone’s eyes that Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Kang Minhyuk and Lee Jungshin all had fun the whole time at the concert making it more memorable to the fans and even the members of the media.

CNBLUE promised to visit Malaysia again and we at K-Popped! hope that BOICE will be able to meet their favourite musicians again next time.

A big thanks to DAOL Entertainment for the invitation to the concert, we surely had a great time rocking out with CNBLUE. Indeed it was a “once in a BLUE MOON” experience. 정말 감사합니다.

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