Good Times with Jay Effect

Calling all Jay Park supporters! Team JP’s official is organizing an event called ‘Good Times with Jay Effect’. It is a screening and symposium event which will be held in several countries in Asia including Malaysia. This is a non-profit event and it is to give special privileges to International Jay Effect members / Jwalkerz who gives their full support to Jay Park. This event is also a stepping stone or a gauge for Jay’s International Free Fan Meeting in Malaysia in the future.

Good Times with Jay Effect Poster

Following is the details of the event:

Title: JP Screening & Symposium
Date: 15 September 2013


During this event, TeamJP will screen unseen videos of Jay Park and play some games and quizzes. TeamJP is also in the midst of organizing with Jay Park on a special surprise event for Malaysian Jwalkerz. TeamJP will also be accepting new membership application to Official Jay-Effect Fan Club during the event.

Below is the schedule of each country!

JAY PARK Official Fan Club Screening Event <Good Times with JAY EFFECT>

8/31 Singapore City, Singapore
9/1 Bangkok, Thailand
9/7 Jakarta, Indonesia
9/15 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
9/21~9/22 Sydney / Melbourne, Australia
9/28 Tokyo, Japan

Final countries for Good Times with JAY EFFECT to be held will be selected via the pre-registration.
*If less than 100 people register it, the event will be cancelled (We do hope that our country Malaysia can bring Jay Park come here for a free fan meeting if more than 100 people register for it)


There are two events happening right now to attract more than 100 people to register for this event:

1) Good Times with JAY EFFECT Fellowship 200+ 1st EVENT! SPREAD “Good Times with JAY EFFECT”

▼ SNS sharing event : SPREAD Good times with JAY EFFECT

● Period: (Sat) 10. Aug 2013 ~ (Thu) 29. Aug 2013 (During 3 weeks)

● How to enter for event:

Step 1.
Share all about Good Times with JAY EFFECT
(the poster, notice or teaser etc.) via various SNS platforms
(facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, forum, website etc.)
as much as you can like during event period.

Step 2.
Write the comment with URL on facebook and then you can save 10 points per one URL
(On each platform, Sharing contents repeatedly is limited five times a day.)

** Each entry’s points will be opened every week on facebook without their name for counting the points in the middle of the event period.

● How to select the winner:
The one who gets the highest points during the Spreading event period is given JAY PARK ‘JOAH’ signed CD
(* These gifts will be given on spot)


2) (QUIZ) Make the most incredible Caption for Good Times with JAY EFFECT

Time period to participate : (Sat) 10. Aug 2013 TILL (Sun) 18. Aug 2013

Good Times with Jay Effect contest

How to participate :

1) Follow @JaywalkersMY on twitter and Facebook ( )
2) Give your most creative caption with the theme “GOOD TIMES WITH JAY” on the picture above. You can tweet your caption photo or upload it on JaywalkersMY facebook page.

A selected few Captioned Pictures by you will be shown at the Screening Event on the 15th September 2013 and the Captioned Pictures will also be sent to Jay Park for him to see.

Please refer to TeamJP’s official FB event page for more information

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  • August 16, 2013 at 12:14 pm

    I will come the event also done with pre register for the 3rd batch and i hope we can get more than 100 ppl for the pre register~!!!

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