I’ve Been K-popped!, What About You?

Wanna let people know how much you love k-pop? Look no further as we let you wear your love for all things Korean.

k-popped [kay-popped]

verb (used without object) 
1. to be hit by the Korean Wave: Yes, I was k-popped back in 2007.

2. to be a fan of k-pop/all things Korean: The k-popped girls were swooning when Infinite appeared on stage.

So, have you been k-popped? If you are here reading this, chances are, you have.

You can’t get enough of all things Korean – from addictive K-pop tracks, sleek dance moves, tear-jerking dramas, K-fashion & culture, kimchi jjigae to the beauty of Jeju Island. Sounds familiar? Trust us, you are NOT alone.

 K-POPPED KAKIS: See, we ain’t lying. You are never alone when you fancy all things Korean 😉

Malaysian k-popped kakis (mates) are more than willing to attest to the magnetic pull of everything that comes out of Dae Han Minguk (대한민국)! Some have even proudly adopted South Korea as their second home and have been making their annual “pilgrimage” there.

Feel as strongly as we do? Then go ahead and wear your heart on your sleeve – better yet, get the T-shirt below and make your statement loud and clear.

The limited edition T-shirts are available in Malaysia for RM35 per piece. Shipping within Malaysia is free…consider it a 서비스 (service) ;).

To order:
• send an email to [email protected]
• let us know what size you want (women’s baby tee cut available too)

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