LUNAFLY Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary With Fans

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Malaysian Lukies (name of Lunafly fans) are lucky indeed! Lunafly was in Malaysia recently to celebrate their 1 year anniversary and performed an upcoming single on stage for the first time!

LUNAFLY showcase Malaysia

Lunafly first came to Malaysia in March and once again, on October 12 2013, they came back and performed at Taylors University Lakeside Campus, in conjunction with their 1 year anniversary celebration.  The anniversary show was divided into 2 sections – Superhero (Day Show), which started at 3pm and Fly To Love (Night Show),  at 8pm.  The boys, in their black suits started the day show with a performance of Seeing You or Missing You.  A total of 18 songs were performed that day including One More Step, Clear Cloudy Day, Stardust and cover songs such as Just Give Me A Reason (made popular by Pink), Mirror (by Justin Timberlake) and As Long As You Love Me (by The Backstreet Boys) among others.

LUNAFLY Teo showcase Malaysia press conference 2

The highlight of the showcase was when the boys performed their upcoming single Can’t Stop The Rain in which they composed about a month ago.  Even though the song is a very sad song which differs from what the band usually does, it has a very nice melody and we can’t wait for it to be available!  The fans were also delighted when the band sang a Mandarin (and nailed the pronounciation too!) song, Qin Fei De Yi from a famous drama, Meteor Garden.

LUNAFLY Yun showcase Malaysia

With the funny antiques from Teo and Sam and sometimes the shy Yunnnnn~ah, the boys got the crowd singing and dancing to Innocent and Young before closing the showcase with Fly to Love. But the show didn’t end there! A special video from Lunafly debut days, made especially for Lunafly by Lukies was shown to the boys, and a big cake to mark the special occasion was presented.  To top it all off, Lukies managed to gather donations for Hospitals Beyond Boundaries (a Non-Profit Organization with a mission to build hospitals in the neediest places). Good job Lukies for the tremendous effort!

After the showcase, a short and intimate session with the media was held.  When they were asked about how they feel about the show, Teo said that he feels good about it. “I feel like I’ve done the stage justice and so I’m looking forward to the evening show”.  The emcee then asked about the Mandarin song that they sang, and Sam shared that they practiced the song for a month and apologized if they didn’t get the pronunciation right. “When we first heard the song, we were thinking that we could do a version of this, I kinda thought that it matches well with our colour and style”, said Sam.

LUNAFLY showcase Malaysia 2

“We really miss Malaysian Lukies. We think that Malaysian Lukies are very unique, in which they are very passionate and they sing along to every song that we sang and they’ve got very good voice”, says Sam when asked about what they miss about Malaysia.  While Teo and Yun both mentioned Malaysian hawker delicacies such as Nasi Goreng (fried rice) and Mee Goreng (fried mee)  🙂

The session then continued with questions from the members of the media.

What is the concept for the new album?

It’s a bit different than what we’ve done before. We’re still not sure whether it will be for an album or a single. We are feeling a bit sad nowadays so we wanted to write a sad song and it was a rainy day, so we wrote about the rain (talking about Can’t Stop The Rain).

What do you hope to achieve as Lunafly in the future?

We wanna meet Lukies all over the world and hear them cheer for us.

LUNAFLY Sam showcase Malaysia press conference 3

What quotes have you held on to from the start until now?

Teo: Have no regret

Yun: No pain, no gain

Sam: No pain, no gain.  Especially as an artist, there’s a lot of downs in your career. So I think you have to be very mentally strong to go through the downs to experience time like this in which you get to perform on stage in front of your fans.

Have you changed over the year or are you still the same?

Teo: My hair has changed from long, to mid length, to short and now 5-5 (50-50, cut in the middle)

Yun: To me, I don’t think we’ve changed much. We still write our own songs, releases and perform our songs on stage.

Sam: Perhaps we have a bit more confidence, in which in each show hopefully we’re getting better and changed in a good way.

LUNAFLY showcase Malaysia press conference

Have you sang the Mandarin song (Qin Fei De Yi) before this?

The melody is very beautiful and the song has a Korean emotion to it.  And this is the first time we’ve ever sang this song on stage.

Is there a plan to write a Mandarin song in the future?

Sure! We’ve been singing songs in English, Korean and Japanese, so why not?

Congratulations Lunafly for the 1 year anniversary and here’s hoping for a better and brighter future for Lunafly and Lukies!

A very special thanks to M.E Malaysia for the invite.

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