E! Special Jay Park Press Conference in Malaysia

Park Jaebeom or better known as Jay Park is a singer, dancer, rapper, model, actor, songwriter, music producer and has won multi-platinum records! Now, he gets his own E! News Asia Special that will give you a look on his journey to stardom, and in conjunction to that, he was in Malaysia for a One Night Only Jay Park Private Showcase. In the showcase, he performed Girlfriend, Joah, I Like 2 Party, and Hot to a house full of Jaywalkerz..

E! Special Jay Park Press Conference

On November 25, K-popped! were invited to his press conference in Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Despite having just woken up, Jay Park was all warm and smiling while greeting the members of the media and answered our questions.  Read on to know what he has to say about AOMG, acting and when he is getting married.

Do you have any reservations in doing this (the recording of E! News Asia Special)?

No, of course it is an honor to me.

Since you’ve just woken up, what do you feel like eating now?

Nasi Lemak, yeah I’d like to try that.

E! Special Jay Park Press Conference 2

How is your life after AOMG (short for Above Ordinary Music Group) was launched?

It is becoming more hectic as I’m not worrying about just myself right now, I’m worried about other artists as well.  They need to do well and establish themselves as artist also without me being there by their side. So, it is very hectic.  It’s overwhelming but its fun at the same time.

How many artist do you have under AOMG and what will be their genre?

Me, Gray, Jeongoon, Cha Cha, LO.  Gray just came out a month ago.  Everyone is going to be basically producing Hip Hop and RnB cause it’s a Hip Hop and RnB label. Gray sings, raps and produces while LO is more like a singer like Frank Ocean.  Jeongoon and Cha Cha are mostly taking part as a producer. They are not really singing their music as of right now.

Which one of your song is your favorite?

I don’t really have a favorite song because I write so many of my songs it kinda switch around and depends on what kind of mood I’m in.

E! Special Jay Park Press Conference 3

What is the difference between guiding 2PM and AOMG?

I was not the one choosing 2PM’s career path, that was the company.  I was just there, in the center who would say ‘Let’s do this’ but I wasn’t really the one making the decisions.  As for AOMG, I’m very much hands on because it is a label I created, and the reason why I created the label is so I could have that creative control and the freedom to choose on their career paths.

Do you still keep in touch with 2PM members?

Not really, but I saw them at an after party, I bump into them occasionally but no, I don’t keep in touch.

You have amazing tattoos, does it have special meanings?

Yeah of course, there are a few that doesn’t have any meaning at all but mostly they are about what my passions are, what I consider important in life, family, music and dancing.

E! Special Jay Park Press Conference 4

How does your family react to your stardom? 

My family is staying with me right now and of course my family is really proud of me. As for right now, I’m good, my friends are good.

Miss Nina is wearing hijab now. How do you feel about her new image and will you work with her again?

I heard she just won an award about a month ago, so congrats to her.  As for working with her, if the opportunity comes along, I would like to work with her, she’s a very talented artist. I think the song came out very well. And I haven’t seen her new look yet, but I’m sure its beautiful.

Any upcoming world tour or any new album in the making?

I don’t know if I’m popular enough to do a world tour, hopefully we’ll see in the future.  I’m working on a new album right, now, working on a mix tape which I’m hoping to release sometime March next year.

E! Special Jay Park Press Conference 5

Which part of the show (E! News Asia Special) that you think the viewers should look forward to?

Probably from start to finish would be good, yeah (laughter). The whole part is a story, you don’t want to see just one part of it, you should see from start to finish.

How does it feel to have your own E! News Asia Special?

It’s an honor. I watched Nicki Minaj’s a couple years back and I thought that it was really interesting. I found out stuff about her that I don’t know about. So I think you’ll probably found out things about me that you probably wouldn’t know. And I always wanted to show what I do on a daily basis and you can see that in the show and I’m glad that you’ll have the opportunity to see that.

You are constantly being labeled as a bad boy. Is that a label that you’re personally ok with?

I did not know that. Maybe its just like an image because of the tattoo and the piercing.  I didn’t do any bad thing, or I hope, haha.. I guess the bad boy image is cool, but the actions, I don’t think I would do that.

E! Special Jay Park

Who  would you like to see on the next E! News Asia Special?

That’s a tough question. Well I’m inspired by Usher but I don’t think he would be on the E! News Asia Special. I would have to think about that.

After going through the highs and lows, trials and tribulation, what would you say to your 15 year old self?

I don’t know, I wouldn’t really change or do something different. You have to make those mistakes to be yourself. I would’nt have been me if I did something different. You just have to be yourself, do your best at all times and enjoy your self.

You used to say that Sistar is a group to watch out for and that you’d like to collaborate with them. Has that changed? Any other girl group that you would like to collaborate?

I would like to collaborate with all the girl groups. I love girl groups.  Sistar is very talented. Actually Jeongoon wrote a song for Hyorin’s solo debut and I did collaborate with Soyou on Immortal Songs 2, so in some ways we have collaborated.

E! Special Jay Park 2

What’s the biggest thing that you’ve learned from your career?
I think its to stay positive, work hard and enjoy yourself because in this life you don’t want to be serious all the time. Work hard but still enjoy life.

How is your acting career right now?
My acting career is like non existant. Only SNL, but I’ve been busy with shows and stuff I haven’t been able to do SNL also. But as far as acting goes, I don’t really have a plan. So you won’t be seeing me in movies or dramas right now.

For the E! News Asia Special, how does it feel to have all these cameras following you around?
It wasn’t too crazy. I’m kinda used to having cameras around me and I have friends who is constantly filming all the time. And they never make me feel uncomfortable, so it was cool.

What do you usually do before going on stage, any rituals?
As of late, I’ve been working out, I’ll do some sit ups and vocal excercises.

E! Special Jay Park 3

Who do you consider your good friends among celebrities?
I don’t really have that many friends (among celebrities), a lot of hip-hop artists, definitely. As far as the Kpop world, probably just Kyuhyun (of Super Junior)

Do you have a favourite dance movie?
Definitely “You Got Served”, it was a game changer in the dance world I think, and also Step Up.

AOMG is very male centered.  Are there any female artist that you would want to sign?
I’d love to but everyone is already signed. So far I haven’t found any female artist that are not signed that I’d like to sign. In Korea, there’s not that many hip-hop female artist.

Do you have any plans on settling down?

Settling down? Not right now but if I meet the right lady, yes but not right now.

Give us 1 reason why we should tune in to the E! News Asia Special
Because I’m in it? (more laughters) Its interesting whereby so many things packed into 1 show.

So that concludes our short meeting with Jay Park! We wish Jay all the best and come back soon ya!

Don’t forget to tune in this December 3, 9.30pm only on E! Astro channel 712.

Special thanks to E! for the invitation!

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