10 Christmas K-pop Songs of 2013

It’s time of the season again where we celebrate giving and love… everyone’s favorite K-pop artist’s releases their Christmas singles.Ha! Christmas is just a week away and we have noticed quite an amount of K-pop artists has released Christmas singles for the festive seasons, today we pick you some great K-pop Christmas songs for you to enjoy Christmas K-popped style! Don’t worry we have gifts for everyone 😉

1. Christmas Song – United Cube

‘Its that time of the year again, uh huh, I think of family with a bear hug?’ -G.na
United Cube drops their very first company carol this year titled Christmas Song.Jiyoon and Peniel fans might be alittle disappointed at the song, nevertheless the other featured artist actually twist up a great harmonization that gives out this great Christmas mood.

2. Winter Propose – Jellyfish Artist

This year again without disappointment Jellyfish Artist releases a really impressive and heart warming Christmas single. I personally really liked the single last year too, with addition of VIXX to the Jellyfish family along with Korea’s top veteran ballad vocal artist Sung Si Kyung, Park Hyo Shin, and of course Seo In Guk, Christmas song by Jellyfish gets better year by year! (Eventho the sand art music video is kinda disappointing this year, compared to the one last year)

3. Wish Me a Merry Christmas – Ra.D

For the k-urban, hip hop, rap fans this year we have something for you in our Christmas socks this year too. Guitarist, Soul Summit and Pianist Yoo Oong Ryeol, collabs this year with Ra.D to prepare a Christmas present for the lonely ones this year.

4. I Do I Do – Secret

After YooHoo promotions and followed up by Ji Eun’s solo, the group Secret finally comesback with another same cute similar style music this Christmas. 3rd single album titled ‘Gift From Secret’, to be honest the song gets hook up to you the second time you hear it (damn this always happens to me) especially the I Do, I Do, I Do, parts. Don’t you agree?

5. Snow Candy – Starship Planet

The 3rd Christmas single from Starship Entertainment, K.Will, SISTAR, Boyfriend gathers up together for a Christmas party in the music video. WARNING MISSING KPOP STAR: Again, we have Dasom missing from the music video, I guess not only us are busy with Christmas this year huh?

6. All I Want For Christmas – BH


Whats Christmas without the all time loved Christmas song by Mariah Carey, All I Want For Christmas ? YG ent. debuts new sub unit BH this year with a cover version of Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas. BH is a new sub unit comprised of Park Bom and Lee Hi. And, Oh! I won’t ask for much this Christmas, whats better than BH’s cover for Christmas this season!

7. Hide and Seek (Winter version) – T-ARA


Along with T-ARA’s 8th repackage album, T-ARA surprises their fan this year with a Christmas titled song. For Boram fans, Boram gets a pretty amount of lines in this song to showcase her talent.

8. Hug Me – Koyote

Feeling cold this winter? (okay maybe not in Malaysia) Koyote asks for a Hug after starting the festival with After Winter. Koyote comes back on stage with a really heart warming Christmas song that will definitely brighten up your Christmas mood this year.

9. Miracle in December – EXO

After grabbing one of the biggest awards, Best Album Awards at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (also fangirlsboys hearts), EXO unleashes a one of a kind, pop ballad Christmas song this year. Featuring EXO’s tornado vocal members, Baek Hyun, D.O, Chen (EXO-K), Baek Hyun, D.O, Luhan (EXO-M) the December song talks about a guy regretting for a girl. Despite the trio’s depressing theme of the song it sure still caught me repeating this song for the whole day! Check full album here.

10. Lonely Christmas – Crayon Pop

Taking over the whole South Korea (also the world) with their straight-five-engines-hopping dance, Bar Bar Bar, now back with another ready-to-take-over Christmas single 꾸리스마스(GGu-ri-seu-ma-seu), the word 꾸리 is actually the slang Korean word for depressing, weird, or maybe even bad. The song describes about someone being lonely and cold during the winter for Christmas. The leg wobbling silly hand dance in the music video reminds me of the silliness back in Bar Bar Bar but seriously.. who cares!? All we want to is to spend the holidays with fun! Now wobble your legs down together this Christmas with Crayon Pop and Dont! Worry! Be! Happy! Na-na-na-na-naaa

메리크리스마스 여러분! Merry Christmas Everyone! 🙂

P.S We might not feature your favorite artist’s/oppa’s song. Leave us a comment and tell us who is your favorite too!


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