Best Comebacks of 2013!

2013 has been a very booming year for K-Pop, where we’ve seen many new groups and solo performers trying to make their mark in the K-pop world.  But in the midst of all that, there are also groups who has been in the industry for a while and keeps on coming back again and again and gave us great performances. Come and join us as we look at K-popped’s pick of 13 of the best comebacks of the year 2013 

13. Block B – Very Good

One of the dramatic comebacks of this year goes to Block B.  Having escaped their previous contract and signed on with Seven Seas, they came back to the K-pop music scene with Very Good. Very Good is a fast paced song with a video inspired by the Batman: The Dark Knight.  A word of warning though, avoid watching the video if you’re coulrophobic (fear of clowns)


12. BAP – Bad Man

BAP has had multiple comebacks this year but our favourite would be Bad Man. With the powerful dance moves, Daehyun’s high vocals, and Yongguk’s involvement in writing the lyrics, BAP can do no wrong here.


11. Girls Generation – I Got A Boy

Girls Generation recently won the YouTube Video of The Year at the YouTube Music Awards beating strong contenders such as Justin Bieber and One Direction, putting the spotlight on K-pop once again. The song was also number 1 in most music charts around Asia and Billboard World Album in the US.

10. Trouble Maker – Now

Trouble Maker is the sub unit of Beast and 4 Minute from Cube Entertainment, which composed of  Hyunseung and Hyuna. The song Now, taken from their Chemistry album reached number one on ten of Korea’s major music charts, resulting in an all kill status. Two versions of the video was released, a short M/V and a drama version in which we can see more intimate scenes between Hyunseung and Hyuna. Which one do you prefer?

M/V (short) version


Drama (uncut) version


9. Sistar – Give It To Me

It never fails to amaze me how Sistar always come back sounding better and better AND looking prettier too! Give It To Me, taken from the album of the same name is an upbeat song with a music video that emphasizes Sistar’s trademark of being sexy and alluring.


8. VIXX – Voodoo Doll

It seems that creepiness works for VIXX. After the success of Hyde, VIXX came back with a similar theme, but this time around, its with Voodoo dolls. A word of caution, if you can’t stand goriness, skip the full version M/V and just watch the clean version M/V.

Clean version M/V

Full version M/V


7. 4 Minute – What’s Your Name?

You can definitely do no wrong if its a song by the Brave Brothers as it will surely be a hit! The song was 4 Minute‘s first single to reach number 1 on the Gaon Singles Chart. Girls, come on, go out and ask the questions to the boy that you’ve had your eyes on for a while.. What’s your name, what’s your number?


6. Beast – Shadow

Give me the light light light, you are my my my sunrise croons Hyunseung in the song. I wonder how many fans would also say this about Beast. Loving someone and wanting to be their shadow. Beautiful harmony and precise dance moves, how can we not include this on our list?


5. Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar

This has got to be one of the liveliest song of the year! Equipped with the addictive dance moves and helmets (lol) the song went on and captured fans hearts from all over. And you can hear chants during Crayon Pop‘s live performances which hyped the song more.


4. Big Bang members comeback – Seungri, Taeyang, G-Dragon

3 of the members from one of the best male groups in Korea made a comeback this year. Seungri being suave, Taeyang with another hot dance number and G-Dragon who just wants to organise a coup de tat?

Seungri – Gotta Talk To You


Taeyang – Ringa Linga


G-Dragon – Coup d’etat


Which comeback out of the 3 do you enjoy the most?


3. Girls Day – Expect

Girls Day won their first music show award through this song on an episode of Inkigayo. Well, who wouldn’t love this song? The song is very catchy and the dance moves… well, it stays on your mind.. Haven’t watch it yet? Check below..


2. Infinite – Destiny

After Man In Love where everyone was sweet and playful, Infinite came back with a darker theme. The group, in the video looked rougher and edgier than before.


1. Exo – Wolf

Lastly, the top spot goes on to Exo! After being in silence for a year after the release of MAMA, Exo came back into the K-pop scene with Wolf by storm and goes on winning on music shows, one after another. Exo M and Exo K promoted the album XOXO together as one instead of as separate units.


Did your favorite group make the list? Which group do you think has the best comeback for the year 2013?


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