Boys Republic Completes a Successful Showcase in Malaysia

Rookie group, Boys Republic was in town last Sunday to promote their first mini album “Identity” and also to perform at their first ever showcase in Malaysia.  Boys Republic members OneJunn, DaBin, SungJun, MinSu and SuWoong appeared in white outfits and began the opening of their showcase with dance performance of Basketball and Beauty A Beat. They sang their first single Party Rock right after that.

Boys Republic first showcase Malaysia
Cool performances from Boys Republic

Right before a short break, they introduced themselves to the crowd. When asked about Malaysian fans, Sungjun said Malaysian fans are so passionate and he is grateful for their love. One Junn said they will come back for sure if Malaysia fans want to see them again. They tried Malaysian cuisine the day before and member Minsu drew laughter from the audience when he cheekily said he tried ‘cili padi’ and had to pay visit to the toilet for a few times because of that.

It was then Malaysian fans’ turn to surprise the boys by singing birthday song in 3 languages (Malay, Korea as well as English) to celebrate Sungjun’s birthday and One Junn’s belated birthday. SungJun had 3 wishes for his birthday; firstly is for Malaysian fans to recognize Boys Republic more in the future, to receive more love in returns, and hopefully to stay together with the members forever. OneJunn wishes to spend more time with the fans, and promised they will come back better in the future.

Boys Republic first showcase Malaysia 2
Happy Birthday SungJun and OneJunn~^^

Boys Republic then had game sessions with fans. 5 lucky fans were chosen by the MC on stage and the boys acted as their dance mentor. During the second session, Boys Republic turned into make-up artists where they need to put on make-up on the other 5 lucky fans. The boys admitted that it was the first time they applied make-up on other people but it seemed that they got the hang of it. The fans got more anxious when the boys somehow jokingly said that blusher was for the teeth. Finally 2 winners were chosen by the loudest cheer.

They also performed Special Girl, What Up, I’m Ready and You’re Special that night. The boys then continued with the autograph session with the fans.

Boys Republic first showcase Malaysia 3
From left : OneJunn, SuWoong, MinSu, DaBin & SungJun

Special thanks to Universal Music Malaysia for inviting K-popped to the event. We had a great time watching Boys Republic and we sincerely hope that the boys will come back again!

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