K-dramas of 2013: Best Memorable Moments

We’ve all had our fair share of K-dramas over this past year and it’s finally time to reminisce some of the best memorable moments for 2013!

That Winter The Wind Blows – Cotton candy kiss

If Secret Garden had that sit-up kiss, then That Winter The Wind Blows had that cotton candy kiss.

Although Oh Young (portrayed by Song Hye Gyo) half-suspects Oh Soo (portrayed by Jo In Sung) is lying to her that he is her real brother, they shared a sweet moment and a cotton candy kiss while visiting the places where they spent their childhood.


Marry Him If You DareYou are Na Mirae, I’m Na Mirae. I’m you.

What would you do if someone shows up and tells you that he or she is your future self? Na Mirae (portrayed by Yoon Eun Hye) got a shocking revelation from an ahjumma (portrayed by Choi Myung Gil) from the future who claims she is also Na Mirae!

If I were in Mirae’s shoes, I will definitely think that ahjumma is a scammer too, and probably call the cops right away!


I Miss YouSwah… All your bad memories are erased.

Jung Woo (portrayed by Park Yoo Chun) always noticed that Soo Yeon (portrayed by Yoon Eun Hye) has many bad memories that makes her cry. To make her forget them, he does this star movement with his hand and saying, “Swah… All your bad memories are erased.

After losing his first love and finding her again after many years, Soo Yeon denies her real identity and caused Jung Woo more hurt. But when he turns away from her, dejected and with a heavy heart, she does it silently behind his back, “Swah… All your bad memories are erased.


Reply 1994 – Lost in Seoul

Back in 1994, Seoul’s subway doesn’t have that many lines and stops like today. But for Samcheonpo (portrayed by Kim Sung Gyun), a young university student, arriving in Seoul is like arriving in a different planet since he is not used to the vast and confusing Seoul subway.

He waits for a train that never comes since he was supposed to go up a train to get to his transit station, and when he arrives at the department store where the boarding house ahjumma pointed out to him, he gets confused again on which exit to take to arrive across the road from the station. That’s when Samcheonpo realized that he is totally… lost in Seoul.

If you’ve been to Seoul and taken their subway, I bet you’ll understand exactly how it is like to be in Samcheonpo’s shoes!


Flower Boy Next Door –I’m watching you, stalker

Go Dok Mi (portrayed by Park Shin Hye), a lonely and seclusive writer, sneaks a peek of her neighbour every morning and gets caught by his cousin, Enrique the gamer (portrayed by Yoon Shi Yoon).

He gives her the ultimatum by waiting for her to take her daily peek. When she finally peeks next door, she got caught off her guard when a half-naked Enrique (in a cute panda suit!) gave her the sign that says “I’m watching you!

I practically laughed till I fell off my chair at that moment!


The Heirs– Who’s drinking water in my kitchen?

Kim Tan (portrayed by Lee Min Ho) first met Cha Eun Sang (portrayed by Park Shin Hye) when she went to find her sister in the States. After a whirlwind of incidents, Eun Sang comes back to Korea, and so does Kim Tan. But little does he know about the girl he fell for in the States. He meets her again in Korea, and pesters her to meet him using her SNS account.

He suspects that his live-in housekeeper’s daughter looks very much like Eun Sang, and when he asks her what was she doing, she answers, “I’m drinking water.”

And when he peeks into the kitchen, he sees… Eun Sang. Drinking water. In his kitchen. She had been in the same house all along!


The Master’s Sun – The morning after touch

Taeyang (portrayed by Gong Hyo Jin) has the ability to see ghosts, but one fine day she meets the quirky Joo Goon (portrayed by So Ji Sub) who is the answer to all her scary woes. Once he touches her, all the ghosts will disappear, as if he has special magic.

Taeyang gets drunk one night and Joo Goon is forced to take her home. She wakes up next to Joo Goon the next morning, holding his hand. She giggles, thinking that it’s all a dream, and thought that she should take more of his positive energy while she can.

When he wakes up and shakes her away disgustedly, she said, “Last night was really good…

In fact, the night before was a nightmare for Joo Goon since many ‘guests’ visited him while possessing her body. Haha!


Do share with us some of the other memorable moments for this year’s crop of K-dramas!

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