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K-dramas of 2013: Best Memorable OSTs

On top of sharing the best memorable K-drama moments for this year, we would also like to share some of the best memorable K-drama OSTs for 2013 with our readers!


Flower Boy Next Door – J Rabbit’s Talkin’ About Love

J Rabbit’s acoustic sound fits in perfectly with the quirky drama’s theme. Definitely a great introduction to Korean artistes not regularly featured on the mainstream K-pop scene.


Gu Family Book – 4Men’s Only You

The soulful song of 4Men is the background theme of the forbidden love shared by leading characters, where Lee Seung Gi plays the character of Kang Chi, a half human and half godly creature.


Fugitive of Joseon – Xia Junsu’s Foolish Heart

This heart-wrenching ballad by Xia Junsu is the theme song for this well-shot historical drama where Choi Won, the lead character, does not realize that he loves Hong Da In till he loses her.


King of Ambition – Ailee’s Ice Flower

In this drama which shows how ambition can bring a person to lie, steal and kill another human, Ailee’s song about an Ice Flower fits the bill since the Da Hae, the lead character is a beautiful woman, but has a cold and icy heart.


Marry Him If You Dare – Kim Tae Woo’s My Lady

This upbeat song from Kim Tae Woo sets the mood for a ride with Mirae of the present, as Mirae of the past returns back in time to change important decisions of her life.


That Winter The Wind Blows – Taeyeon’s As One

Taeyeon’s soft ballad puts you right in the setting of the drama, amidst the falling white snow.


The Heirs – Esna’s Biting My Lower Lip


This ballad by the lesser known Esna is a breath of fresh air from the overplayed Moment by 2AM’s Changmin (not that it’s not any good, just too overplayed throughout the drama), and perfectly describes the relationship between Eun Sang and Kim Tan.


The Master’s Sun – Yoon Mirae’s Touch Love

Yoon Mirae proves that she can still pull off a ballad despite mostly singing R&B or hip-hop songs. This beautiful ballad is a reflection of the drama’s main theme, where a touch can make ghosts disappear, yet it can also show how much you love the other person.


That wraps up the list for some of the best memorable K-drama OSTs for 2013 and do share with us your personal favourites that we might have missed out on!

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