Skull and HaHa’s Awesome Reggae Party of the year in Malaysia!

Photos By : RozyMohd

Do you know of this fantastic duo who sings reggae and in Korean? No? Then you are missing out! Skull and HaHa was in Malaysia and they gave out the best reggae party of the year!

SKULL HAHA Malaysia showcase press conference

Reggae duo from Korea (L-R: Skull and HaHa) 

The duo comprises of Skull, who is the leading Korean reggae artist, signed in the United States under Morgan Carey, (brother of Mariah Carey) and Ha Dong Hoon (known as HaHa), a presenter, deejay, actor, comedian, singer and a cast member of the popular Korean variety show Running Man.

K-Popped‘s amazing reggae weekend started on Friday, December 20 as we were invited for the press conference with Skull and HaHa at the Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Started at 8pm, Skull and HaHa entered the room nonchalantly when the promo video of Skull and HaHa was being shown on screen.  And HaHa, being a true comedian just as he was portrayed on tv, made the members of the media laugh without uttering a word just as soon as he entered the room.

Here are the questions that were asked that night:

You have just arrived in Kuala Lumpur, can you share with us your impression of Kuala Lumpur?

HaHa: Other than the day being a rainy day, the city is beautiful but I was expecting a very sunny weather in Malaysia.

Skull: I heard Malaysia is a very beautiful country and the people are so kind..

HAHA Malaysia showcase press conference

HaHa looking all serious and professional

Upon discovering reggae, how does it influence your music and lifestyle?

HaHa: As you all know, Skull is the leading artist for reggae in Korea. My first impression on him is, he is really crazy. From head to toe, everything about him is reggae, so I thought he must be so tired everyday. The moment I fell for reggae, I started wearing reggae underwear as well.  My life is just entirely reggae!

Skull: Everyone might have known HaHa as an entertainer but I didn’t know it at first.  And when I look at HaHa, his love for reggae is just beyond imagination. Of course I love reggae and collected many items but he has more reggae items than I do, he is really crazy in a good way.

Before meeting Skull, how did you fall in love with reggae?

HaHa: At first its not that I was so into reggae music, I just love their style, hair style, the fashion sense, then I started to get more into reggae. Back then I didn’t know a lot of people who could give me inspiration, and then I met Skull.  He was like the inspiration for reggae to me.

Previously, HaHa was supposed to come with the rest of Running Man members but sadly that was cancelled.  How do you feel?

HaHa: First of all, I’m really sorry that we couldn’t make it and eventually I’m here with Skull and this has been a country that I’ve really wanted to come and I’ve been to Malaysia many times on Monopoly (board game) but this is my first time physically and I feel really happy about that.  Now I am here with Skull and I know that you’ll have a lot of fun with us.

How did Skull fall in love with reggae?

Skull: When I was in high school, I heard the song No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley and I fell in love instantly. I feel like its my destiny.  I didn’t expect to become a reggae singer but now here I am. Actually the reggae genre is kind of a lonely genre but HaHa and I feel very proud and we feel great and try to spread our music in Korea and also finally got here to Malaysia. So we really appreciate it.

SKULL Malaysia showcase press conference

Everything about Skull is reggae

Is there any artiste that you would like to collaborate with?

HaHa: Reggae is not a very popular genre in Korea, so many people doubted us like can we really last  as a reggae group. But we really worked hard and now many people would like to collaborate with us and perform together on stage. This coming Christmas concert we’ll have a collaboration with LeeSsang and in 2014 there’ll be more collaboration performances coming up.

Do you write your own songs and what is your inspiration?

Skull: Our style is honesty, and we always write about our stories.

Will we see Skull on Running Man?

HaHa: He was on Running Man before but it was for a short time. He might be on Running Man again after his new album is released. But his hair is so uncomfortable to run with, its not the right time for him to be on Running Man.

What do you do to release stress?

HaHa: I would assure you, eating is the best way. Skull loves to eat so much. (takes out his phone and reads a list) Satay, Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak.. we always like to try new food. Even before coming to Malaysia we were talking about what we wanted to have on our first day in Malaysia. That’s how much we love to eat.

SKULL HAHA Malaysia showcase press conference 2

.. and with that ends our interview session with the duo.

The next day, we were invited to a meet and greet session where lucky fans get to go on stage to receive a pre-signed merchandise and pose for a photo.  The event was held at the Paradigm Mall where Skull and HaHa was greeted by many fans who wanted to have a closer look of the awesome duo..

SKULL HAHA fan meeting Malaysia

And at night, is when we got sucked in to the world of reggae with Skull and HaHa.. The showcase, held at the KL Live, Live Centre was opened by DJ IT who has worked with a lot of the famous artiste from the Korean music industry such as Big Bang, RAIN, Lee Hyori, YG Family and many others.

SKULL HAHA Malaysia showcase

Skull and HaHa with the MC for the night, Jeremy Teoh

Tonight I’m not Running Man HaHa, I’m singer HaHa.. and with those words, HaHa made the crowd forget about Running Man HaHa and turn their focus to the reggae duo Skull and HaHa. Joining Skull and HaHa was NUOL who captured the crowds heart with his slick rap and moves.

SKULL HAHA Malaysia showcase 2

Skull and HaHa with the fans listening to Jeremy’s instructions

After a few songs, the fans were entertained with a short game with Skull and HaHa.  10 lucky fans were chosen on stage to play the game of charades. Skull and HaHa each chose 5 fans. Nothing special you say? HaHa chose 5 fans in which 4 of them were each carried (or can you say dragged? :P) on stage by HaHa! I’m sure that its one of the most memorable night for al the fans.

SKULL HAHA Malaysia showcase 3
Skull and HaHa with NUOL

Among the song performed that night was Reggaerilla, Big Up [featuring super reggae/hip hop producer NUOL], No More Trouble, From Fool to Fool, Ha Wa U?? Fine Thank You!!, Busan Vacance, Ragga Muffin [Haha’s remix], Boom Di Boom Di, YMCA, X’mas remix, Hennessy 19 [a rare live performance], No Woman No Cry, and Sweet Rice Cake.

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    Can you email me more photos of the concert? It was the best concert that I have been to and I would like to see more photos. Do you also have the video of the whole concert?

    Many thanks

    • December 28, 2013 at 12:25 am


      We’re glad you enjoyed the show cos we did too! More photos at our Facebook page. Do visit 🙂

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