LEESSANG Concludes Their 1st Asia Showcase at Malaysia

Malaysia has been graced by visits from members of the famous variety show “Running Man”. In June,”Sparta” Kim Jong Kook held his showcase in HGH Convention Centre in Sentul. His ‘lovely brother’ Haha along with his raggae duo Skull met their Malaysian fans in December 2013. And exactly one week ago, Running Man’s master of betrayal Lee Kwangsoo was in town for his fan meeting.

Not to be left out, Kang Gary has come to Malaysia as the fourth Running Man member to hold an event in Malaysia. However this time he came as LEESSANG‘s Gary, together with his partner Gil for their “2013/2014 LEESSANG 1ST ASIA SHOWCASE IN MALAYSIA”.

LEESSANG GARY showcase Malaysia

The showcase started at 7.30PM as the popular hip-hop duo LEESSANG opened the stage with ‘Modesty is Difficult’, followed by ‘I Turned Off the TV’, You’re the Answer to a Guy Like Me’ and ‘Woman Who Can’t Break Up, Man Who Can’t Leave’. Even though the concert venue was all seated , no one were actually sitting as everyone was on their feet as soon as the duo came up on stage. The cheer was so loud, and you can hear LEESSANG fans singing and chanting together all throughout the concert.

There was a short break and during that break the screen showed footage from their variety shows – Gil in “Infinity Challenge”and Gary in the famous “Running Man”. The cheer was at the maximum decibel when Monday Couple (Gary and Song JiHyo) cut was shown on the screen, indeed showing the couple was loved by all the fans all around the world.

During the  Q&A session Gil & Gary were asked about their opinion on Malaysian food, Malaysian girls and Malaysian fans. Gary gave short answers to all three questions; “Malaysia jjang!”, “Malaysia daebak!” and “Malaysia fans are so beautiful”. When they were asked who is their ideal girl, Gil straightly answer ‘Song Ji Hyo’ and when it was Gary’s turn to answer, fans already chanting Song Ji Hyo’s name, so he just smiled and answered ‘Yes, Song Ji Hyo’.

LEESSANG GIL showcase Malaysia

Six lucky fans were chosen by a lucky draw where they got to play games with LEESSANG. The first game is a couple game where both Gil and Gary need to stand on newspaper with their own partner. They then had to fold the newspaper to make it make it smaller each time. Talk about skinship huh? :p But alas, the two lucky fans chosen were both boys and Gil jokingly asked whether it has to be between men. As the newspaper become smaller, Gary piggyback his partner while Gil tried to lift his partner ‘bride style’ but failed.  In the end Gary and his partner won the game.

The second game was musical chair (survival game) where four lucky fans were chosen this time. Gil and Gary were eliminated in the first round as they failed to sit on the chair. Gary was even sitting on a fan girl’s lap and was hugged by the girl. Jackpot!

The music continued on as they performed “It’s a Laugh Behind Sadness”,  “Ballerino”, Gary & Gil” and “Clown”. In the middle of their performance, the duo expressed their gratitude to be here in Malaysia. Gary continued on by saying that hopefully he will be able to comeback to Malaysia with his fellow Running Man members. Soon it was time to end and their fans started chanting for encore. The duo emerged on stage again for the encore songs “Let Us Meet Right Now” and “Rush”. They threw caps, merchandises and water to the fans during the encore stage. Gary shouted “Malaysia, saranghae!” before disappearing from the stage.

LEESSANG showcase Malaysia

The performances were all great but we couldn’t help but feeling slightly disappointed as the showcase ended too soon (only 1 hour).  We are certain that the fans feel the same way as they did not want to leave the venue until they were asked by security to leave.

Thank you Pop Culture Live for inviting K-popped! crew to the event. We had a great time all throughout the show and  we hope to see them again the future!

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