Cheo Yong: The Paranormal Detective Premieres on KIX HD

Listen up, K-drama fans! If you are looking for a fresh new drama to occupy and spice up your Thursday nights, look no further!

K-drama Cheo Yong: The Paranormal Detective, starring Oh Ji Ho, Oh Ji Eun and SECRET’s Jun Hyo Seong, will be airing on KIX HD (ASTRO Channel 729), every Thursday at 10pm starting March 20.

Cheo Yong The Paranormal Detective


Paranormal Detective: Oh Ji Ho portrays main character, Cheo Yong, who sees ghosts

Cheo Yong: The Paranormal Detective is a brand new fantasy crime series about a detective who interacts with the dead to solve the mysteries of their unresolved deaths.

Oh Ji Ho plays the main character Yoon Cheo Yong who has been able to see ghosts since birth. Once the ace of the violent crimes unit, he lost both his family and his partner seven years ago in a traumatic incident that caused him to quit his department. Now he works as a district cop, but without any interest or will to engage with the world; “starved for love,” he’s completely lonely. Then one day, he accidentally talks back to the ghost of a high school girl, and things get complicated.

Han Na Young (SECRET’s Jun Hyo Seong) opened her eyes and found herself inside the Seoul Police Station. It did not take long for her to realize that she is dead. No matter how loud she screamed and no matter how long she stood in front of a mirror, there was nothing. For days, Na Young watched over the routine in the station and came to the realization that she might have been murdered. Surprisingly, there is one man who could see her and that is Cheo Yong. Na Young drags Cheo Yong to help her figure out why and how she ended up as a ghost in the police station.

Meanwhile, Ha Sun Woo (Oh Ji Eun) is an officer in the station working side Cheo Yong. She is as cold as the dead and is a meticulous observer who can pick out any detail from any given situation. Her excessive motivation to solve crime makes everyone else a bit annoyed but is considered an asset to the team. She has been feeling an unexpected fatigue. She feels as if she has lost control of herself. She also feels as if someone is constantly watching her…  and unbeknownst to her, she was possessed by a ghost.

Cheo Yong The Paranormal Detective poster

The main cast of Cheo Yong (fr L to R): SECRET’s Hyo Seong, Oh Ji Ho, Oh Ji Eun

Besides being proud to be part of a successful and unique detective series, the cast also shared their experiences while working together on set.

Since SECRET’s Hyo Seong is a newcomer in the industry, she is thankful that both her seniors had helped her in concentrating and expressing her feelings while acting.

Meanwhile, Oh Ji Ho said, “We had many scenes that we had to shoot at night so it was scary when we were in the woods. It felt like a ghost might appear.”

As for Oh Ji Eun, she observed that viewers love sci-fi style themes for dramas. She shared, “Because they are original and unique and make the story hard to predict, these sci-fi dramas eventually elevates their expectations.”

Let’s look forward to the thrilling paranormal K-drama, Cheo Yong: The Paranormal Detective!

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