BTS MUSTER Own ARMY at Their 1st Fan Meeting

March 29, Seoul Olympic Park, Korea.. BTS 1st Fan Meeting ‘MUSTER’.. Say what??? Yes, 방탄소년단 or BTS for short had their first fan meeting and we were there! First check out this video where the boys introduced their first fan meeting in their own unique way!

Bangtan Seonyondan or BTS members consists of Kim Nam Joon (Rap Monster) – leader and rapper, Min Yoon Gi (Suga) – rapper, Kim Seok Jin (Jin) – vocalist, Jung Ho Seok (J-Hope) – rapper and dancer, Park Ji Min (Jimin) – vocalist and dancer, Kim Tae Hyung (V) – vocalist and Jeon Jung Kook (Jungkook) – vocalist, rapper and ‘maknae’ in the group.

The weather that day was a bit gloomy and drizzling, but it didn’t dampen the ARMY’s (Bangtan’s fan club name) high spirits! The queue for official merchandise was still long when we arrived. ARMYs were still in line (with umbrellas/raincoats) trying to get official stuff such as the fan light, photo set of the boys, clear holder, shopping bag, bandana and BTS in Thailand DVD, among others. Some ARMYs in line were even practicing fan chants!

BTS Muster stage

After a while, we went in to the hall and the atmosphere was AMAZING!  Green laser beams filled up the hall with the words BTS MUSTER (collection or assembling of troops for inspection or preparation for battle) shown up on screen. It really feels like we were preparing for a battle!

A few minutes inside, the lights went off, and the hall went completely dark! Then the screen lights up again with a countdown 3 minutes to MUSTER and we can see the boys getting into their car to come over to the event hall. Screams were heard all over and the boys were not even in the hall yet! Countdown continues as the boys were arriving at the hall, and walked slowly towards the entrance. And yes, more screams and it was deafening!

Countdown ends, but the boys were still not on stage! What’s happening? Then the voice over mentioned, “MUSTER, COMPLETE” and the boys showed up on stage! More screams!!!! All decked in black and singing NO MORE DREAM – one of our personal favorites! And not to mention Jimin flashing his abs! We can tell many fans were hyperventilating during that moment! (lol) The song ends and suddenly there were men on stage and they shoot the boys! They got shot!! But nothing happened because they are BULLETPROOF! Whoa! Their performance was so powerful we got goosebumps! We personally think this was the best performance from the night.

After the performance of We Are Bulletproof Pt 2, the boys went off the stage and came back in white shirts singing another favorite of ours, JUST ONE DAY! “I appreciate the masterpiece that is you because your existence alone is art” – a line from the song.. We know ARMY can relate to this line right? :p The performance then continued with IF I RULED THE WORLD and the whole hall were still screaming with fan chants and we don’t think ARMYs were even tired, more like pumped up after the opening performance!

Then they were divided into 2 units – Jin, Rap Monster and Suga came up first singing 어른아이 (Adult Child). Their choreography was too cute to boot! After we were showered with all the ‘kwiyomi’ acts by the 3 members, the 4 remaining members came up on stage and sang BEAUTIFUL and again, we melted..^^

Performance part 1 ended and we proceed to the games section, to find out who is the Real Man. The boys went off stage for a while and we were entertained by the MC for the show. Then the boys came on stage one by one, each with their own style. V came out with a swagger and walks slowly, J-Hope entertained fans with cute poses while Rap Monster came out running. Then Jimin came out boxing – Rocky style, and Jin came out and moved towards V with Suga trailing behind. Jungkook came out last, did a spin kick but fell on his butt –  OUCH, but even as he fell down he looks cute!:p

1st game was a dance battle! The most memorable was J-Hope dancing to Sunmi’s 24 hours – complete with the butt shake, earning loud screams from the fans. And the game was measured by the screaming fans, so J-Hope took first place for the 1st game. 2nd game played was the Bangtan quiz, whereby each member were given a sketchbook each to write their answers on. The 3rd game was to test their endurance. A monkey bar was brought on stage. A member will hang on to the bar while being tickled by the other members. Suga lasted only 2 seconds while J-Hope, won another game.

Final game for the night was Real Race. Each member was given a big exercise ball and they have to race against each other while being on the ball. Since there were 7 members, Jimin was lucky to be voted out and only play during the finals. Jimin kept on wanting to show us his thighs which is strong that will help him win. First round sees Jin cheating by running without sitting on the ball. V won the first round while Jungkook fell on his butt during the second round but still wins the match. On the third round, V, Jungkook and Jimin battle it out. Jimin fell right after the match started, while Jungkook fell towards the finishing line. The winner for the Real Race? Yep, its V! But the overall winner goes to maknae Jungkook, who was carried by the other members like a king!

Performance part 2 continues with JUMP! Aren’t they tired after all the running and tickling cause it didn’t show at all. The performance was flawless from beginning till the end. During ATTACK ON BANGTAN performance, they took on center stage making them closer to the fans. Fans were all jumping and dancing together!

The boys then had another change of attire, now decked in uniforms and they looked REALLY GOOD! They performed their current hit song, BOY IN LOVE energetically coupled with the screaming fans and we got chills. But every good thing must come to an end; the boys performed I LIKE YOU for their encore and said their goodbyes to the fans. ARMYs had fun together with the boys throughout the show and also cried when each member’s appreciation touched their hearts.

The thing with attending an event in Korea is the difference in environment. Yes, there are 7 boys in Bangtan and each fan must have
their own favourite. But they came together as 1 when they chant for the boys. There is no “I like this one member so I’m gonna scream for him only” in that term. Everyone screamed for BANGTAN and for each of the boys. So the boys really enjoyed seeing their fans adoring them and in return, gave all their best.

Can we hope for the same atmosphere if Bangtan do come to Malaysia one day? Let’s start practicing the chants from now on.. BANG! TAN! SEO! NYEON! DAN!!

A big thanks to M.E Malaysia and Big Hit Entertainment for the opportunity of attending this event.


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  • April 9, 2014 at 12:19 am

    omg bts T_T wow it looked so fun and i am so jealous, i bet you enjoyed this so much T.T i need bts muster in malaysia haha

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