[Exclusive] A Spring Day with LUNAFLY (Part 2)

Have u read on our interview with LUNAFLY Part 1? Here’s part 2..

LUNAFLY Neganetwork studio


Fondest memory from debut days..

Yun: The day our first song came out, it debuted really well on the charts.

Sam: We were the only new group in the charts at the time. That was a very special day for us. My mushroom hair, please…lets not do that again! Having your forehead covered, you can’t see a lot, you can’t look up, you just feel like you have a headache all day.

Yun: And Teo had long hair..  


While travelling, 5 things that LUNAFLY carries..

Cellphone, passport, clothes, underwear, instruments..

Sam : I always take my razorblade, because if I don’t shave, I look homeless.. (lol)


Food that you miss from Malaysia?

Teo: Nandos! (Sam: That’s not Malaysian!)

Teo: Mee goreng..

Sam: Yeah, we had a lot of mee goreng.

Yun: I’d like some mee goreng..

LUNAFLY Sam Neganetwork studio


Last time LUNAFLY cried..

Sam: I remember the last time Yun cried.. (pointing at Yun) You were watching this story.. Cell number 7? The story about a handicapped guy and a small child.. Well I almost cried too..


LUNAFLY’s influence in music..

Yun: Metallica, Slipknot

Sam: Yeah, Metallica is very similar to us..

Korean artist?

Yun: Sung Si Kyung, Lee Seung Chul..

Teo: Girls Day (Sam: From Sung Si Kyung to Girls Day!) – and Yun just laughs..

Sam: And I also like Nell, I think they’re so good. Their music is amazing.


Things that you miss about Malaysia..

Teo: Nandos!

Yun: Mee goreng, Malaysian Lukies…

Sam: We feel very much at home when we go.. The people, weather, and food, all very good..

LUNAFLY Teo Neganetwork studio


Fan services..

Teo : I want to make it rain… with French Fries.. so that everyone can have some..

Yun : We can also feed fans pizza(?)

Sam: Yeah, we can all throw pizza like frisbees

Teo: …while its raining fries!


What LUNAFLY think about Malaysia…

Teo : Very good..

Yun : Very beautiful people..

Sam : Malaysian people is very unique.. we feel very connected to Malaysian people in general..I just don’t know why..


LUNAFLY charms are..

Sam : I think Teo’s neck.(laugh) Me..My eyebrows. And Yun..his sexy tone skin.. When he sweats, he’s very sexy..

Yun : Thank you..

LUNAFLY Yun Neganetwork studio


Variety shows LUNAFLY want to try..

Teo : We got Married!


Teo : Everyone!

Yun : Is it ok if he’s a guy?/ Teo stares at Yun/

Sam : I won’t do that show (We Got Married). Fake marriage is stressful! I always want to do the show with babies, called Superman Returns(?). Yun and Teo will be my babies. That must be fun! Or maybe Real Men!

Yun : I would like to be in Running Man. Or 2 Days 1 night!


What makes you happy on stage?

Sam: When fans sing our song together with us.. it just felt amazing..


Thank you LUNAFLY! We had a lot of fun spending time with you and we miss you in Malaysia! Come back soon and lets all go for Nandos? :p

LUKIES, hope you enjoyed reading our interview with LUNAFLY and gathered information on the boys likes and their feelings towards Malaysia fans.

A big thank you to M.E Malaysia and Nega Network for the exclusive opportunity.

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