[Exclusive] K-popped! interview with Bangtan Boys

Bangtan or better known as BTS are back with a brand new Skool Luv Affair Special Addition album and so is our series of K-popped! in Seoul! We managed to engage the boys with some questions!  Find out who’s the crybaby of the group, who troubles Rap Monster the most and…. can you call Jungkook ‘oppa’??

Bangtan Sonyeondan BTS Just One Day
From left : Jimin, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, V, J-Hope

What do you think that separates BTS from other groups?

Rap Monster: I think the biggest difference is the music style. Our music style is very obvious, Hip-hop. And it is also distinguished that we make the songs ourselves. Since the members make beats and write lyrics, we can express straight our thoughts.

Suga: What we want to say is very clear. All our songs are about the common story of teenagers. But we speak about the common worries of teenagers rather than love stories. For that reason, there are many ‘real life’ words in our lyrics. We considered that going to a good university is the only one goal of life or not. And we borrowed the idea from Facebook for making ‘I Like It’, one of the track from our debut single, 2 COOL 4 SKOOL.

The latest album ‘Skool Luv Affair’ is the last episode from the school trilogy concept. Are you going to keep the trilogy concept for the next album too?

Rap Monster: We are planning the next album and have not fix the concept yet. We have so many ideas but it needs to be considered how to arrange these ideas. I think the School-style concept is enough with the latest album. We were originally planning to release 3 albums about school story.

BTS received a lot of rookie awards last year, what is the change that you feel the most? And what impact does it give the group?

Jin: We won six Rookie Awards in total. Including the Best Rookie award voted by European K-POP fans, we got 7 awards in total. Actually there’s no big change but we are so happy and proud that we won 7 Rookie Awards because our first goal was winning Rookie Award and we made it. However all these awards is not the end but the beginning. We are preparing hard for the next album like a beginning.

Bangtan Sonyeondan BTS Just One Day 2
BTS, hottest rookie group

Rap Monster and Suga were involved in underground scenes before debut. Are you still active as underground rappers? Still in touch with your friends who you met in those days?

Rap Monster: Now I can’t perform in underground scenes because of the heavy schedule in BTS. But, I still keep in touch with my friends who performed with me at that time. When the crew which I belonged to performs, I promote them through BTS twitter. I want to perform with them again someday.

Any plans for a World Tour?

Suga: There’s no detailed plan yet.

What do you remember the most during your debut days?

Suga: The debut showcase and the first shoot stage.

Before debuting, I’m sure many skeptics would say “You wouldn’t make it in this industry.. ” and such.. Did they come back to you and congratulate you for your current success?

Rap Monster: I cannot remember all those people. When I was trainee, I had doubt myself too if we can debut or not. Before my debut, my parents felt bad about me quit studying but after the debut, I started to appear on television and they really liked it.

Bangtan Sonyeondan BTS Rapmon V Jimin
Rap Monster, V and Jimin monitoring their work

We have met many fans who claimed that they became fans after listening to Just One Day. Are you planning to release more songs like this in the future?

J-Hope: There are some sweet songs like ‘Just One Day’ in our all three albums. These albums are not full of only strong beat sound tracks. Many fans loved the song of debut single ‘I Like It’ too. All members like R&B music as much as Hip-hop music. We are going to make R&B music tracks steadily in further albums too.

You also have fans who are older than the group members. How do you feel when they call you ‘oppa’?

Jungkook: I think “Emmm.. this can’t do….” Because they are older than me. hahaha!! But sometimes I just let them call me ‘Oppa’. hahaha

Please leave a message to your Malaysia fans.

Rap Monster: Since we debuted, we haven’t been to Malaysia yet. We still have to grow up more in Korea, I didn’t expect that we have fans in Malaysia. We do make effort to go Malaysia. Please wait for us!


We were also having quick questionnaire to each members. Let’s get to know each of them better, shall we?^^

To Jin : What do you think is your best charm?

Jin: Visually, small face and big shoulders! And I cook better and much cleaner than others.

BTS Jin Just One Day
Jin – vocalist

To Suga : You have met so many fans, what is the most memorable gift you have received? Any fans that left a deep impression to you?

Suga: There’s no one that I can’t remember… Many fans give us many presents regarding our job, so most presents are musically-related things. All these presents make us think of fans and make us practice hard in return for fans’ love.

BTS Suga Just One Day
Suga – rapper

To J-Hope : Who cries the most in the group? Tell us 1 situation in which he cried and why?

J-Hope: Um… I think I cry the most in the group. I cried loudly twice after debut. The first time was the day of the debut showcase. I cried for overwhelming feeling because of the debut stage that I finally made. And the second time was the day of the Fan Club Opening Show in March. I cried for overflowed joy because of 3,000 fans that filled up the concert hall.

BTS J-Hope Just One Day
J-Hope – rapper and dancer

To Rap Monster : As a leader, which member listens to you the most and which member troubles you the most?

Rap Monster: The members that listen to me the most: Jimin, Jin, J-Hope. The members that trouble me the most: Suga, V, Jungkook

BTS Rap Monster Just One Day
Rap Monster – leader and rapper

To Jimin : If you are a girl, who would you choose to date among the members? Who would be the best ‘oppa’ and why?

Jimin: J-Hope. He is the most cheerful person and he takes care of someone well so he can love his girlfriend very well.

BTS Jimin Just One Day
Jimin – vocalist

To V : You are very famous because of your  handsome face that looks like a combination of BAP’s Daehyun and EXO’s Baekhyun. How do you feel about it?

V: I’ve heard that kind of mentions many times from the early debut season. Especially, when I met EXO in the backstage, they greeted us so warmly and I thanked so much. I think he looked like me a little.

BTS V Just One Day
V – vocalist

To Jungkook : As a maknae, which member takes care of you the most? Any moments that left a deep impression to you?

Jungkook: Everyone takes care of me but if I must choose one… there are two. J-Hope and Jimin! J-Hope takes care of me since I was trainee and we have many things in common. Jimin does too. We usually talk together many times. And he points out when I make mistake and make me smile when I’m in bad mood.

BTS Jungkook Just One Day
Jungkook – vocalist and maknae

Hope you enjoyed our short interview with Bangtan the charms that each of the member has. Check out our coverage during BTS fan meeting ‘Muster’ here.

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