Meet the Talented Singer Songwriter, DK Soul

K-pop fans might be unfamiliar with the name of DK SOUL but his music career background is very strong, especially on live stages. People’s awareness of DK SOUL is not too high, but he has the ability to make people to be his fans when they heard him on live stages.

DK SOUL has already done two solo concert and is very active in campaigns to support ALS patients (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), prevention of school violence, etc. DK SOUL is also an affiliated professor of vocalist at ‘Peakche Art College’ in Korea.


-2013, 1.4th Single, “엄마 앞에서 짝짝꿍”

-2012, 1.3th single, “ANGEL EYED SOUND”

-2011, 1st full album, “3MINUTES AND 30SECONDS” & “CALLING”



-2009, Tokyo Taxi – The Face

-2008, OBS Run To Live – Fight


DK Soul will be at Irvine Korean Cultural Festival on May 17th, 2014. He will be attending the festival as special guest/performer.

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