BEAST Says ‘No More’ in Latest MV

The boys (or rather, men) of BEAST is finally back today with a new title track ‘No More’, for their upcoming album which will be released on June 16th!

BEAST: ‘No More’ being Mr Nice Guy

In this ‘Instagram-inspired’ music video, we see the members breaking away from the usual dance routines and instead focus on their acting and singing (and taking selfies too).

Expect more acting from Junhyung since he’s the main character in the music video who is in a relationship with his girlfriend (played by up and coming actress Lee Yu Bi, last seen in K-drama, Gu Family Book).

Check out the music video for the mid-tempo balled ‘No More’ below!

Pssst… Did you catch Dongwoon’s reference to 2NE1’s Dara’s floppy hat and Hyunseung’s imitation of Cheon Song Yi’s headband fashion in K-drama ‘My Love From The Star’?

Love these members for spicing up their music video with these tiny details!

Don’t forget to support their upcoming album’s release on June 16th!

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