[Event Coverage] The B.O.S.S successfully wrapped up their first Malaysia Showcase

It has been a few days after The BOSS arrived in Malaysia. They went to 3 states for 3 showcases with photo session & autograph session with the fans. Malaysian fans are just very lucky to get to see The Boss for 3 times in 3 different showcases. From Seremban to Melaka and they finally wrapped their Malaysia tour yesterday (22 June 2014) at 1 Shamelin Mall in Cheras.

The BOSS consists of Mika, Karam, Injun, Hyunmin and Jay,  formed under Open World Entertainment in 2010. As expected, The BOSS performed very well with powerful vocals and dances. While performing 4 songs during Seremban’s showcase, 5 songs during Melaka’s showcase, Kuala Lumpur are luckier when they performed 6 songs altogether. They started their performance with ‘We are Together’ followed by ‘Sad Story’, ‘What Are You’, ‘Say Goodbye’ and ‘Lady’ as their last song.

The Organizer has prepared some Q&A, Interaction and Games session in between the performance. Although those session were just the same in every showcases, but it was great since The Boss did interacted in different ways for each showcases except for Karam who keeps on repeating his “Saya nak kencing” (I wanna pee) joke which we think was inappropriate for our first meeting. The ideas of having impersonation games with the lucky fans was really a praiseworthy idea since it was really fun to see the boys impersonating fairy tales princess & superhero.

The photo session & autograph session were really a great bonus for Malaysian fans who waited for more than 4 years to see The Boss in Malaysia since the passes were very easy to get at the minimum price with overflowing fanservices from The BOSS.

Thank you to New Pro-Star Sdn Bhd for inviting us. We hope to see The BOSS again with better music and performances in the future!

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1 Shamelin
Mahkota Parade
Seremban Prima

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