[Exclusive] MBLAQ Talked About Their Comeback, Future Plans and Messages to Malaysia Fans!

Hello K-popped! readers. We got a chance to interview  MBLAQ, the boy band created by superstar Rain. MBLAQ just make comeback with their 6th mini album called Broken. The boys talked about their collaboration with Sunsilk, their new album, and their relationship between the members. They also shared a revealing interview that’s sure will delight their avid fans. Check out our exclusive interviews with the guys.

MBLAQ Broken

Why did you choose to collaborate with Sunsilk?

MBLAQ : We have always been keen to meet our Malaysian fans and when Sunsilk came up with this idea of a Sweet Trip in Seoul, we thought it would be the perfect way for us to introduce Korea to some of you.

As you know, some Malaysians may be shy about dancing in this Sunsilk Sweet Trip contest. What advice have you got for girls out there?

MBLAQ : One of the reasons we were so excited to be a part of the Sunsilk Sweet Trip campaign is because it reaches out to fans with one clear message – strive to achieve more every day, confidently. Whatever you do, whether it’s singing or dancing or creating something, just make sure you have fun and make the most out of each day.

MBLAQ Seungho Broken

Tell us about your latest album. How are the fans’ response towards your latest album?

MBLAQ : All of the members actively participated in the making of the 6th mini album BROKEN, and it means a lot to everyone involved because it contains many songs written by the members of MBLAQ. We hope that all the fans will support and love our new album.

We are currently watching Lee Joon’s latest drama. Are the other members watching it too? How are their reactions towards Joon’s psycho character in the drama?

MBLAQ : All of the members have been watching Lee Joon’s drama despite their busy schedules with musicals, MC, song writing, and etc. All of the members are very surprised and impressed with Lee Joon’s acting skills in playing a very difficult psychopath killer character “Ryu Taeoh”. The members have made jokes to Lee Joon relating his role to real life and often ask for spoilers from the next episode.

MBLAQ Lee Joon Broken

It has been three years since BLAQ Style album was released. Any plans to release a full length album soon?

MBLAQ : We have been studying and working very hard to improve on music composing skills and have been exploring with many different types of music. We will continue to work hard to provide our fans with better music in the near future. Please continue to support us!

Are there any plans for concert tour that includes Malaysia?

MBLAQ : We have tours in South America, Japan, Europe and Korea scheduled starting June. We are continuing to work hard to give our fans great performances. We hope to be given an opportunity to perform and meet our fans in Malaysia soon. Please continue your support and wait for us until that day come!


Are there any reality shows you guys wish to join?

MBLAQ : We have done a few reality shows with our members in the past, and we had very good response from our fans because we showed our real selves in the shows. We love the fact that we can show our true selves in the show and we would love to do another reality show if the opportunity comes up again.

You have been together for a long time. Are there any members still awkward around each other?

MBLAQ : It has already six years since the members have been together as MBLAQ..should be more than that, if we are taking into consideration practice and preparation time as well. We call ourselves a family. The five of us often get together outside of our schedules and when we do, we have so much fun until not realising how much time has passed.

MBLAQ Thunder Broken

Please leave a message for your fans here in Malaysia.

MBLAQ : We can’t wait to see you here in Seoul during the Sunsilk Sweet Trip. We want to thank our fans, +A for their love and support~ We want to be with you continuously for a long time!

We’re also very curious on how MBLAQ was chosen for this collaboration, so check out what’s Sunsilk representative had to say regarding this.

Why did you choose to collaborate with K-Pop idols and how is Sunsilk related to K-Pop?

Sunsilk : As a brand that puts people first, Sunsilk keeps a constant pulse on the latest trends that affect our fans. We felt that the energy and fun that K-Pop brings is something that resonates with our Sunsilk girls. Sunsilk’s personality has also always been upbeat, uplifting and trendy – something that K-Pop culture exudes, making it a great fit for our brand.

Out of so many idols out there, why did Sunsilk choose to collaborate with MBLAQ?

Sunsilk : Our collaboration with MBLAQ is largely because we felt they share similar goals with us. Ultimately, MBLAQ really wanted the chance to meet their Malaysian fans and Sunsilk wanted to give girls a chance to travel to Seoul and meet the K-Pop boy band of their dreams. At the end of the day, the Sunsilk Sweet Trip is really about being confident enough in yourself to make the most out of this opportunity.

MBLAQ Mir Broken

Other than meeting MBLAQ in person, what else can the winners of the Sunsilk Sweet Trip contest look forward to during the trip to Seoul?

Sunsilk : We have an exciting agenda planned out for the winners of the Sunsilk Sweet Trip contest during the three-day, two-night trip to Seoul. We want to be sure that we provide our Sunsilk girls with a trip to remember; one that is both enjoyable and gives them the opportunity to create fun memories together. The winners will also have a chance to immerse themselves in Korean culture, be it food, entertainment or shopping!

Will Sunsilk be bringing K-Pop artists to Malaysia in the future (especially MBLAQ)?

Sunsilk : We are currently focusing on the Sunsilk Sweet Trip. We are aware about what our Sunsilk girls want, so if this is something that they are excited about we will definitely look into it.

What else can we expect from Sunsilk in the future?

Sunsilk : More fun stuff for sure! Sunsilk wants to inspire fans to be more confident in order to get the best out of every day. Our Facebook page has the latest updates, so to find out what’s next please pay us a visit there!

Thank you Edelman for the interview arrangement! We hope to see MBLAQ in Malaysia very soon!^^

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