Taeyang Releases 2 New MVs for Latest Album ‘Rise’

Big Bang member Taeyang has certainly risen to the top of the charts with the release of his latest album ‘Rise’, and along with it he has also released 2 new music videos!

BIGBANG Taeyang Rise album

TAEYANG: ‘Rise’ like the sun

While G-Dragon was known as the quirkier member with a great sense of musicality, Taeyang has been biding his time all this while to emerge better than ever. Although he is better known for his dancing skills, his latest album shows that he has the vocal prowess to carry a whole album of songs without the other members.

Check out the music videos from Taeyang’s album ‘Rise’ below!

Eyes, Nose, Lips


In both videos, actress Min Hyo Rin portrays Taeyang’s girlfriend. That’s a real sexy girl you’ve got there Taeyang (even if she’s just an onscreen gilfriend)!

Who’s looking forward to Big Bang’s album now, rumoured to be out later this year?

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