The Boss 1st Showcase in Malaysia Press Conference

The Boss was in Puchong on 18th of June 2014 to meet the members of the media including K-popped! in The Boss 1st Showcase in Malaysia press conference. The Boss or also known as DaeGukNamA (DGNA) consists of Mika (24), Karam (23), Hyunmin (23), Injun (22) and Jay (20). The press conference started right away after the boys greeted the crowd.

DGNA The Boss Showcase Malaysia Press Conference 2

Q: What kind of food do you want to try in Malaysia.
Hyunmin :  Satay, Ais Kacang and Nasi Lemak  .

Q : Any malay words that you’ve learnt before?
Jay : Kamu sangat cantik! (You’re so beautiful)
Karam : Saya nak kencing~ (I want to pee~) /Karam being dorky/


Q : Who is the most famous member?
(All members pointed at Karam but then was denied by Karam)
Hyunmin : /raised his hand/ I am the most famous among them because I have a big head (lol).
Not satisfied with the answer, the MC asked the members to introduce themselves individually and tried to get the applause from media friends. Jay gets the most cheers when he introduced himself with the magic words ‘I love you’ and ended with ‘Kamu sangat cantik’.

Q : Who do you think is the most smart or clever one in the group?
HyunMin: Me! Because I have a big head/brain.
Karam: The first time I met HyunMin he seems different, and feels very strange. But he’s not, he’s a genius. He composes a lot of music. When I heard the songs, they are really good.
HyunMin: Yes because I have big head.


Q: Who would you like to collaborate with? Name a Korean or International artists.
Karam: We have a Korean singer who’s our senior called Jo SungMo. We really like ballad songs, so we really want to do a collaboration with him.
HyunMin: There’s a Malaysian singer I would like to collaborate with. Dato Siti Nurhaliza.

Q : Is there anything that you would like to achieve or expectations on the upcoming showcases?
The Boss: This is our first showcase in Malaysia, because of that, the most important thing is to deliver a fun stage and also show many different kinds of sides of The Boss.


Q: What do you expect from Malaysian fans?
Karam : Even the next time we come, we hope that fans will welcome us like the first time we come.

Q : If there is one thing in Korea that you would like to recommend to Malaysian fans, what would it be?
HyunMin: Our next album.
Q : When will it be released?
HyunMin: I don’t know!(keke)
Mika : Soju!
All of them : Shinsa-Dong, Garosu-gil.


During the individual talent show, Karam tried to imitate dog voices (baby dog, 20 years old dog and old dog) and yes Karam, we can’t differentiate the dog voices, haha..  Injun showed us some amazing beat boxing while Jay showed some dance moves, proving he is the main dancer of the group. The group also did an acapella showing off their teamwork and harmony.

The Boss concluded the press conference saying that they will continue to work hard to show better performances. The press conference ended with a photography session with sponsors and the boys themselves. The Boss will be in Malaysia from 17th June to 23rd June 2014, having their first showcase in Malaysia for one week at different locations around Malaysia.


You can meet The BOSS at :

Venue: Seremban Prima
Date: 20th June 2014
Time: 3pm

Venue: Mahkota Parade ( PHOTO PASS ONLY)
Date: 21st June 2014
Time: 3pm

Venue: 1Shamelin Shopping Mall
Date: 22nd June 2014
Time: 4pm

 Special thanks to New ProStar for the invite. More photos at our facebook page!


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