5 Reasons Why You Should Watch K-drama ‘Fated To Love You’

For K-drama fans (and non-fans) who have a penchant for romantic comedy dramas, there’s all the more reason for you to watch  K-drama ‘Fated To Love You‘ starring Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, Choi Jin Hyuk and Wang Ji Won (and we don’t mean just the amazing cast)!

‘FATED TO LOVE YOU’: Is Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) and Kim Mi Young (Jang Nara) really fated to love one another?

‘Fated To Love You’ is about a naïve law firm office worker by the name of Kim Mi-Young who happens to spend one night with the successor of a large company. She soon finds herself being pregnant after the one night stand with the wealthy heir, Lee Gun. Due to her down to earth and kind personality, she gets stuck in a love triangle between Lee Gun and his girlfriend, Sera. Will Mi Young and Lee Gun ever get to be a real couple?

Since there are many romantic comedy dramas out there, why should you watch this one, you wonder? We tell you why you should just single this one out (no spoilers ahead, ‘cos we want you to enjoy all the drama). We promise you won’t be disappointed!


1) Remake of popular Taiwanese drama of the same name in 2008

The original Taiwanese drama ‘Fated To Love You’ starred Joe Chen, Ethan Juan, Baron Chen and Bianca Bai. It recorded the highest average single-episode rating and was awarded the ‘Best Television Series‘ in 2008.

Since the Korean remake is staying faithful to the original storyline, albeit with some twists in the plot to make it more interesting, viewers will definitely have a great time watching the chemistry between the two main leads.


2) Jang Hyuk & Jang Nara reunited again as co-stars after 12 years

Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara first acted alongside one another in the hit drama ‘Successful Story Of A Bright Girl‘ back in 2002. Back then they have shown much chemistry in the romantic comedy drama, and they certainly brought back the same chemistry back even after 12 years!

Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara also shown that they have not aged much since the last 12 years… and we wonder what’s their secret behind all that!


3) Jang Hyuk’s mane, laughter and crazy antics as Lee Gun

Jang Hyuk strikes back again with another unforgettable K-drama character. As Lee Gun, he sports a really mean hairdo, it’s kind of long (yet not that long to be like a girl’s hair) and whenever he whips it back… he’s just like some male hair shampoo model. In fact, he’s actually the CEO of a hair shampoo company!

Lee Gun also has a mean laugh, which Mi Young hears in her head whenever she misses him. It’s quite funny really, and we can’t help but smirk whenever he does his evil laugh. And Lee Gun’s antics will never cease to bore viewers, from acting like a young brat although he should be more dignified as a CEO, and even impersonating a woman, he’s done it all.


4) Jang Nara’s unbelievably ‘nice’ character

Ever seen a permanent worker do coffee runs, donut runs, photocopy runs, and what-nots? Mi Young is that sweet and nice to never ever reject a request or to say ‘No‘ to anyone. Can anyone be this nice in real life? Probably not!

Because Mi Young is unbelievably ‘nice’, we can’t help watching the drama unfold itself, sometimes pitying Mi Young along the way, and we hope that she will meet a ‘nice’ ending too.


5) Background music and OST used in drama aptly suited to situation

We simply love the background music used throughout the drama! Whether it is when Lee Gun was trying to be sneaky (cue background music from ‘Inspector Gadget‘), having a back hug moment (cue Titanic theme ‘My Heart Will Go On‘), viewers will surely connect with the popular background music used to suit the various scenarios in the drama.

The drama’s OSTs are pretty great as well, but Ailee‘s song ‘Goodbye My Love‘ is particularly heart-wrenching since her emotional delivery and vocal prowess is superb (we won’t share the music video here because there’s too many spoilers in it!).

Definitely one of the perkier songs off the OST is Ken’s (VIXX) song ‘My Girl‘, in which the music video shows the rivalry among the two male characters, Lee Gun and Daniel, vying for Mi Young’s love and attention. Do check it out below!


That rounds up our list of reasons why you should watch K-drama ‘Fated To Love You’! We hope you’ll put it on your list of K-dramas to watch and look out for this summer!

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