AlphaBAT’s Raya Celebration in Malaysia

A few months after they first came to Malaysia, AlphaBAT came back to Malaysia again! Instead of auditioning for their 10th member, they came and performed in a series of showcase named as the Selamat Hari Raya Showcase. The showcase took place at 3 venues starting in Ipoh on August 8, Malacca on August 9 and the final one in 1 Shamelin Mall, Kuala Lumpur on August 10.

AlphaBAT Hari Raya Showcase Malaysia 7

From left to right (standing): E:psilon, F:ie, D:elta, G:amma, (sitting): H:eta, C:ode, J:eta, B:eta, I:ota

Different from when they were last here, the boys were dressed in a more laid back,  hip hop style of clothing. Looking more relaxed and confident with the crowd, the boys started their performance with their own rendition of Big Bang’s Tonight. With powerful vocals from D:elta, and rap from I:ota, they fully captured the audiences attention right from the start. Member E:psilon was not performing together with the rest of the members due to a leg injury.

AlphaBAT Hari Raya Showcase Malaysia 4Member J:eta flirting with the Alphas (AlphaBAT fanclub name)

After heating up the venue with Tonight, they changed the mood with a different mix of Sistar’s Loving You. Sung by only 3 members, B:eta, D:elta and I:ota, they made the song as if it was originally sung by them, and not Sistar!

AlphaBAT Hari Raya Showcase Malaysia

D:elta, I:ota and B:eta surprises fans with a soulful rendition of Sistar’s Loving You

I:ota was then left alone on stage to perform a rap number but much to the fans delight, F:ie and J:eta suddenly appeared and approached the fans on the floor. From the soulful Loving You, they changed the atmosphere to a hip hop party and made the fans dance along.

AlphaBAT Hari Raya Showcase Malaysia 5

A showcase is never complete without 1 round of game with the fans. 9 lucky fans were chosen to be on stage and play a round of rock, paper, scissors against AlphaBAT, with a simple condition, if the fans win the game, they get to take pictures with the group. The fans were twice lucky as they won the game and each of them were given the chance to pose with the group.

AlphaBAT Hari Raya Showcase Malaysia 3A lucky fan who managed to get a picture with AlphaBAT

The showcase further continues with their hit songs AbCity and Ttantara. Upon the fans request, the group performed the song Ttantara again but with the props that were seen from the music video. The fans were delighted to be able to see the original choreography performed in front of them.

AlphaBAT Hari Raya Showcase Malaysia 6The famous starting pose for AbCity led by F:ie

Despite calling it a Selamat Hari Raya showcase but no raya songs performed, it was still a good show. The showcase ended with a song dedicated to all Alphas, titled Always. Throughout the entire song, the fans held out a banner with a message that they’ll be Alphas for a lifetime. AlphaBAT left a lot of good memories for the Malaysian Alphas. Let’s wish them a good comeback this week!

AlphaBAT Hari Raya Showcase Malaysia 2

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