MBLAQ Hypnotise Fans in Their First Appearance in Malaysia

After years of waiting for MBLAQ to grace our shores, they were finally here at the K-Festival 2014, last weekend, August 9, 2014. The same night that MBLAQ performed at Pavilion, another Korean group performed at another venue but the turn up at Pavilion was not disappointing. Fans screamed just by knowing that they have entered the building (thanks to host Baki Zainal for teasing the fans with a play-by-play of MBLAQ’s movement in Pavilion).
MBLAQ at K-Festival in Malaysia
From left – Mir, G.O, Seungho and Thunder
The boys, Seungho (leader), G.O (main vocal), Thunder (lead rapper), and Mir (main rapper and youngest) stepped on stage handsomely decked in navy blue suits and dazzling smile towards the fans starts the performance with Be A Man. During the performance, the members were seen looking around the stage and on to the different levels of Pavilion just to see how many fans have come to watch their performance, and I’m sure they were amazed. As the ambassador of Kaki Korea, Baki mentioned, we have never seen Pavilion crowded as it was that night.
MBLAQ MIR at K-Festival in Malaysia
Rapper Mir never fail to get the fans to scream
 The second song performed that night was one of the fans’ favourite, Monalisa. Monalisa is a song with Spanish electro dance beat. The choreography combines the Spanish dance and modern moves and to be able to see this performed live, is just amazing. Sadly, the main dancer Lee Joon was not present (due to a schedule conflict), else the performance would have been perfect.
The boys were happy to be in Malaysia and performing for the very first time. They mentioned that they have been receiving a lot of request from the fans in Malaysia and they were thankful that they have been given the opportunity to finally come and visit.
MBLAQ GO at K-Festival in Malaysia
Swoon for G.O!
 Most of the boys composed their own songs, but where did their inspiration come from? Thunder replied that for him, the songs that he wrote were based on his experience. And with the song, he would like the fans to experience how he feels.
MBLAQ Thunder at K-Festival in Malaysia
Smile for Thunder!
MBLAQ further won the fans over when G.O, spoke in Malay and said “Kita cinta kamu”. To this, Baki taught the members to say Thank You (in Malay) to the fans for coming.
MBLAQ SEUNGHO at K-Festival in Malaysia
Charismatic Seungho
 The boys then continued with Oh Yeah, the last song performed that night. It was short performance, but a worthwhile moment for the fans who have waited for a long time and for MBLAQ members to know that they do have fans in this part of the world. Here’s to hoping that MBLAQ will hold a concert in Malaysia soon.
MBLAQ at K-Festival in Malaysia 2
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Thanks to Korea Plaza KL and Korea Tourism Organisation for the opportunity to attend the event.

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