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Thinking of shopping for products from South Korea and getting it shipped back conveniently at a low cost? Look no further because L.M.P. Korea provides the exact service you need to do so!

LMP KoreaL.M.P. Korea is a new service provider that provides Korean shopping solutions to Malaysian customers. They strive to bring Malaysian customers the convenience and opportunities to purchase almost anything from any Korean websites (specifically South Korea’s) ranging from trendy clothes, cosmetics, skincare products, shoes, K-pop items and many more.

L.M.P. Korea always keep an eye on a wide variety of leading Korean brands and E-shopping malls to give their customers first-hand updates on the latest promotions and new products launches. Ultimately, they hope more Malaysians can enjoy products that are only available in South Korea through their services.

Their charges are based on per different item while the original item price and shipping fee (kindly refer to the links provided below) is to be borne by the customers. They charge RM40 for the 1st item and RM7 for each subsequent different item. This is to say that it does not matter how many quantity one purchases, it is only charged once at the fixed rate mentioned above as long as it is of the same item.


L.M.P. KoreaOther similar service providers (15% or minimum RM60)
Example 1. Item 1 = 1. Item 1 =
Let’s say:Purchase Quantity is 2;Our service fee = RM 40.00;Purchase Quantity is 20;Our service fee = RM 40.00(still the same)Let’s say:Purchase Quantity is 2;Service fee = RM 60.00 (15% or min.RM60)Purchase Quantity is 20;Service fee = RM 80.95(15% of RM539.68)
Example 2.Item 1 = 2 = 3 = 2.Item 1 = 2 = 3 =
Our service fee:Item 1 = RM 40;Item 2 = RM 7;Item 3 = RM 7;

Total = RM54.00

Service fee:Total price for 3 items = RM 112(15% of RM539.68)Total = RM60.00


Interested customers only need to fill up their “Order Enquiry” form by providing them necessary details and links to the original products.

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