EvoL rocked Klang Parade’s Grand Opening!


True to the lyrics of EvoL‘s debut single, We Are  A Bit Different, they rocked the stage and turned Klang Parade’s launch event into a party. Fans were out of their seats, singing along and cheering for their favourite group, enjoying the live performance despite some problems with the sound system.

Evol in Malaysia 4

EvoL From L-R: Jucy, J-Da, Say, Yul, Hayana


EvoL is made up of 5 lovely girls, with leader Say (Kwon SoHee), main rapper Jucy (Kim JunHee), lead vocalist Hayana (Yoon Kristine), main vocalist Yull (Im Yuri) and maknae rapper J-Da (Kim YeonJu) is from Stardom Entertainment. Debuted in August 2012 with the song We Are A Bit Different, the group proved that they are different from the rest of the girl groups with their own style of performance.

Evol in Malaysia

The grand opening, MC’ed by none other than Baki Zainal, was opened by Stacy (of the Akademi Fantasia fame) who sang 3 of her hits songs. Stacy managed to hype up the crowd and the appearance of EvoL made the event hotter. EvoL performed 5 songs, 1,2,3,4,5, Get Up, We Are A Bit Different, I’m Sorry and Wild Ones (originally by Flo Rida featuring Sia).

Evol in Malaysia 3

In between performances, EvoL played charades with the fans in which the winner gets to take a personal photo with the whole group. J-Da’s team came out as a winner, but the rest of the fans who played along were also given a personal memento from the girls. The crowd were also delighted when Baki asked the girls to describe about their ideal guy. They mentioned a family man, broad shoulders, a guy with no double eyelids and tall as some of the criteria that they search in a man, and Baki being the entertainer that he is, tries to portray all the characteristics that were listed.

Evol in Malaysia 2

A lucky fan who won the charades game with J-Da

After the short 5 song performance, fans with photo passes were given the opportunity to take a group picture with the girls, while fans who bought EvoL’s latest album received the groups autograph. Following Klang Parade’s performance, EvoL will be performing at Mahkota Parade on September 28.

K-Popped! would like to thank New Pro Star for the invitation!

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