YG Introduces New Rookie Groups: WINNER and Team B (iKON)

YG Entertainment has been on a roll lately, introducing 2 new rookie groups, WINNER and Team B (iKON) during a short span of time. Let’s get to know more about these new groups!


WINNER debuted in August 2014 with their album ‘2014 S/S‘, featuring singles such as ‘Empty‘ and ‘Color Ring‘. They were previously known as Team A on the reality show ‘YG’s WIN: WHO IS NEXT?‘ and subsequently their group’s name was changed to WINNER after their win against Team B on the reality show.

WINNER is a five member group consisting of Kim Jinwoo (23), Lee Seunghoon (22), Song Minho (21), Kang Seungyoon (20), Nam Taehyun (20).

Rappers Minho and Seunghoon give a different vibe and colour to the group, with set them apart from other rookie groups. Meanwhile vocalists Jinwoo, Seungyoon and Taehyun can be tasked upon to harmonize well and carry high notes.

Curious to know more about WINNER? Check out their MVs below!


Empty – This MV hit 1 million views in 24 hours after it was released!


Color Ring – WINNER’s emotional delivery of this song surpasses the expectation, coming from a rookie group.


I’m Him (걔 세) – Rapper Minho’s solo which showcases his charms (like Big Bang’s T.O.P.) and his likeliness to G-Dragon. Guess that’s why this song is titled ‘I’m Him’.


Team B (iKON)

Team B (iKON) previously appeared on ‘YG’s WIN: WHO IS NEXT?’ with WINNER and is currently in the survival programme ‘Mix & Match‘. Those who are chosen on the show will then be grouped into a new group under the name iKON.

Team B currently consists of a younger set of 6 members, Kim Jin Hwan (20), Bobby (19), B.I. (18), Song Yun Hyeong (19), Koo Jun Hoe (17), and Kim Dong Hyuk (17).

Although they weren’t chosen as winners in the past reality programme, here’s hoping they will do better in the current programme with their previous experience.

Check out the young rookie group’s performance video below!


Wait For Me – They might be young and in a big group, but they certainly do harmonize well! Here’s waiting for them to officially debut!


Looks like YG is in for a win in the long run with the success of WINNER soon after their debut. We hope Team B (iKON) will also continue to bring us good K-pop music soon!


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