[Event Coverage ] An Intimate Show With Eric Nam

Eric Nam finally grace our shores from October 10 til October 12 and it was a weekend to be remembered by his fans in Malaysia. Eric Nam, a YouTube sensation but made famous from his musical journey in the MBC’s Birth of a Great Star and the always happy-energetic-bubbly host on Arirang’s After School Club made fans enjoy his music and laughed at his antics.

Hangout and Hunt for Eric Nam

Although Eric’s showcase was scheduled on Sunday, October 12, Eric had an early day on Saturday where Eric went around visiting Klang Parade and Sunway Pyramid while KakaoTalk Malaysia, and K-Popped! gave out hints for fans to track Eric. Fans who were successful in tracking Eric won themselves a KakaoTalk plush toy and a picture taken with Eric.

After being hunted, Eric spent lunch time with the premium passes holders. Hmm, wonder what they talk about?

Eric Nam in Malaysia 6
Hangout with Eric ^^

Hello! Eric Nam at Klang Parade

In the evening, Eric showed up in front of screaming fans in Klang Parade. Tho he was a bit late due to traffic, fans were not disappointed once they saw Eric’s smiling face.

Eric Nam in Malaysia 2
Eric Nam with the host, Sean Lee

“I heard you arrived yesterday. What did you do today?” asked Sean Lee, the host for the event

“I went around, had nasi lemak, coffee and got caught by fans, it was really fun. And during lunch, one of the fans gave me this (showed a washable tattoo on his arm – which comes out from a confectionary) and oh! there she is (notices the fan among the crowd)” says Eric. He also added that he was overwhelmed by the warm welcome that he received from fans and hopes that this will be the first of many visits for him.

Eric Nam in Malaysia
Hmm, how do I work this thing out?

Before the fansign event, Eric performed his debut single Heavens Door and took a selca with the fans using the monopod. He even made the fans laugh with his pose trying to get his phone set up on the monopod.

Eric Nam in Malaysia 5

F.Y.I on Stage with Eric Nam

Definitely a smaller venue than the previous FYI on Stage from the organiser but it made the event more memorable and precious to the fans with its intimate setting. Though the sound system was a bit bad that night, Eric and the host, Sean managed to fill in the gaps with interaction with the fans. Fans were able to talk and laugh along with Eric throughout the whole event.

Eric Nam in Malaysia 3

Among the songs performed by Eric that night was Heaven’s Door, Say Something, Eyes, Nose and Lips (a cover of Taeyang from Big Bang’s song) and his latest hit, Ooh Ooh, in which the fans all stand up and dance to it. The highlight of the song was when Eric rap during the rap verse, which was usually sung by Hoya from Infinite or Yohan (a trainee from B2M).

Eric Nam in Malaysia 4

We look forward to your next visit to Malaysia, Eric!

Thanks to ME Malaysia for the invitation.

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