EvoL gets teary eyed with Vollers at the Celebration Party

EvoL partied hard with Vollers at 3 events, Taiping, Klang before closing it at Mahkota Parade, Malacca. The girls prove that they can sing, dance, rap, and even play charades, lol.. but do you know that they remember their fans even when they are miles away and are really close to them on SNS? I know her.. says Sohee during the celebration party. Who is she talking about? Read on folks 🙂

Evol Celebration Party in Malaysia

EvoL members from L-R: Yull, Hayana, Jucy, Say, J-Da

Dressed down in mostly white shirts and jeans, the girls greeted the fans warmly despite the fact that they just came back from another schedule in Malacca.  The celebration party started with a few QnA’s in which the MC, Justin asked the questions and mostly, err.. trying to get Jucy to answer the questions 🙂

Evol Celebration Party in Malaysia 2

It was not their 1st time in Malaysia but most memorable

After Klang Parade’s showcase, EvoL managed to go around a nearby Night Market where they managed to try many different Malaysian foods such as Satay and Nasi Lemak. They even went to a fruit stall where the Jambu Ajusshi (a fruit seller) recognized them from one of their videos. We also went to take photos around KLCC, it was beautiful we didn’t want to go back to our rooms chimes Hayana. Sohee (Say) also mentioned that comparing the 3 different showcase, Klang Parade had the best crowd as there were more cheers and they love the fans for coming.

3 selected video from the fans were chosen to be shown to EvoL. EvoL really enjoyed watching the videos that the fans have made specially for them. There was a video with heartfelt messages to EvoL, the fans doing a flashmob to EvoL’s song at a shopping complex and even a glimpse of EvoL’s first performance in Malaysia. During one of the video, EvoL’s member Sohee recognized the fan who has sent in the video, but sadly the fan was not in attendance at the celebration party. The EvoL members got teary eyed watching the videos knowing that they have loyal fans who will be waiting and cheering for them

Evol Celebration Party in Malaysia 3

Yull, don’t cry.. 🙁

The event then continued on with the fans giving EvoL personal presents and pictures were taken prolong the memory. Even though too many tears were dropped, sharing of emotion from both parties, it was definitely a good night for both EvoL and Vollers I might say.

Evol Celebration Party in Malaysia 4

Thank you to New Pro-Star Sdn Bhd for the invitation

More photos on the celebration party at our Facebook page

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