2AM, coffee, and music…

Korean pop ballad group under JYP Entertainment, 2AM was in Malaysia recently for the launching of dal.komm COFFEE in Damansara Uptown. ‘dal.komm’ from the word ‘dalkomhan’ (달곰한)  which means sweet in Korean, is also a combination of the word Danal, the founding company of dal.komm and the German word komm which means ‘come’, to put it both together, means Come to Danal.

2AM at dal.komm COFFEE grand launch cutting ribbon

dal.komm COFFEE has a nice ambiance where you can just relax, have a cup of coffee, and listen to some music. The cafe is also integrated with online music content to create multi-purpose cafe where music is brought to life through interior design, Music Cards, Veranda Live etc. You can even listen to 2AM’s new song in the cafe.. hold up! 2AM?

Yeah! 2AM was at the cafe on November 29 for the grand launching. Fans who were in attendance witnessed the ribbon cutting ceremony which includes 2AM as the honorary guests. Right after the ribbon cutting ceremony, 2AM sat down for a short press conference and here are some of the questions answered:

Q: As this is not your first time in Malaysia, how do you feel to be back again?

Seoulong: Last time we came for a concert, but this time we came to visit the fans. Tho the time is limited, we are happy to be here.

Q: Tell us about your new album..

Changmin: After a long time, we came back with a new album, and a lead song 나타나 주라 (Show Yourself), which we are currently promoting. We hope that the fans will give us a lot of support and a lot of love to the album.

JoKwon: The album that we have just released is called “Lets Talk” and we have put a lot of work into it, please listen to it well.

2AM at dal.komm COFFEE grand launch

Q: Tell us about your future activities in Malaysia

Jinwoon: Since we really like Malaysia, and we always would like to come to Malaysia again and again, we would come back if the fans wishes us to.

Q: How does it feel to have a song that you composed in the album

Seulong: We have composed solo songs and moving forward, we’ll work hard to write more songs and become a singer songwriter.

Q: To Jinwoon – What inspires you to compose and write your solo song

Jinwoon: I always use experience and things that happens around me.

Q: If you could be a barista at dal.komm COFFEE, what kind of drink would you recommend to your fans?

Jinwoon: What is this called? (while holding up his cup of Honey Grapefruit). I would recommend this drink!

After the press conference, 2AM had a short meet and greet with the fans, where they sang a few lines from their new song. The event ended with a fan sign and a group photo with lucky fans.

We would like to thank dal.komm COFFEE Malaysia for inviting us to the prestigious event.

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