Running Man Race Start Season 2 in Malaysia

Running Man is a South Korean variety show, famous for its fast paced running members while solving missions on every episode with many famous guest stars. Consisting of 7 members, 5 of them were in Malaysia on November 1 for a fan meeting. While its not the first time visit to Malaysia for Lee KwangSoo, HaHa, and Kim JongKook, the trip was a bit special for Ji SukJin and Song JiHyo as it was a first visit for them.

Running Man Race Start Season 2 in Malaysia 2

It was  a full day for the Running Man members, starting from an early morning press conference with the Malaysian media, a public appearance and autograph session at Paradigm Mall and finally the fan meet at Stadium Negara.

Press Conference

An early morning for most, especially the Running Man members who arrived to Malaysia late the following night, but the members of the media greeted the casts with enthusiasm. The casts, upon seeing the enthusiasm, smiled and returned the enthusiasm. The press conference turned a bit chaotic when Lee KwangSoo and HaHa constantly giving the photographers who attended the event with photo-worthy shots. Song JiHyo, looked composed and rather blank (one of her nick name in the show) sometimes, Ji SukJin tried to look cool in leather apparel with dark shades and a mega watt smile from the sparta Kim JongKook.

Running Man Race Start Season 2 in Malaysia Press Conference 2

We didn’t get to see much as we have just arrived last night, but this is not my 1st time here. I really like Malaysia, as I love hot weather said Kim JongKook in perfect English (yes, our Sparta Kooks knows English ;)). For HaHa, he would describe the whole journey as a miracle, as he didn’t expect for the show to be big, and he’s really grateful for that.

If all 7 members were given a chance to shoot an advertisement,  what kind of advertisement would you like it to be?

Song JiHyo: If we get to do one commercial as a group it would be wonderful. As we were always portrayed one the show as being healthy and always running, it would be great if we can have a similar advertisement.

HaHa: For me, I would like to recommend SukJin for a nose advertisement or hair grow enhancer. While for JongKook, with his masculine character, or a tiger, maybe it would be good for him to have a cosmetic advertisement. And with his great body, he can also do a women’s lingerie ad.

To JiHyo, how does it feel working with all the Running Man members

Song JiHyo: Being the only girl in the cast, is never easy. Its been quite tough for me but they’ve been supportive of me from day 1, until now, and I am grateful for that.

As the show has been going on for quite some time, how do you stay committed to the show?

Kim JongKook: We’ve always enjoyed it, the games and the fun. We’ve been enjoying it and never thought of it as working, so thats why. (HaHa and KwangSoo added, “Me Too”)

HaHa: The cast are just being humble, yet again. It is quite tough for each filming but a lot of people love and support us, so there is no way for us to be lazy or feel demotivated. Especially for Ji SukJin, who is a lot older than us, he had a hard time during shooting, but it also comes down to responsibility to the fans.

Last message to the fans?

HaHa: Thank you very much to all the fans for your support and love. We will continue to do our best to deliver the excitement. And thank you once again to all the Malaysian fans for supporting us.


Autograph Session at Paradigm Mall

Running from the press conference in Double Tree Hotel to Paradigm Mall, we were greeted with many screaming fans who have waited as early as 8am to catch a glimpse of the casts. The Running Man members took the stage, introduced themselves and thanked the fans who waited for them and proceed to the autograph signing event (for VIP pass holders).

Running Man Race Start Season 2 in Malaysia Fan Meeting

Fans were delighted and screamed each time a fan received a hug from the members, or a selca, and even when the members look towards the fans who were waiting around the foyer. It was definitely a scream fest and shows the power of Running Man in Malaysia.

Fan Meeting in Stadium Negara

After a rather hectic schedule running around from Kuala Lumpur to Petaling Jaya, and back again to Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur, the event that the fans have been waiting for has arrived. Fans adorned hair bands with names of their favourite member, shirts with the tags attached to the back of their shirts and some with LED boards to show their support.

Running Man Race Start Season 2 in Malaysia

The opening of the show with a short MV introducing the members were shown on a large screen on the stage. Rather than a straight forward video, the MV showed the beginning of the famous SBS drama, Man From The Stars and the main star, Kim SooHyun, morphed into the male casts, Lee KwangSoo, HaHa, Ji SukJin, and Kim JongKook.  While the only female member, Song JiHyo morphed from a picture of the female star of the same drama, Jun JiHyun.

The members then showed up singing their own unique rendition of My Destiny, an original soundtrack from the same drama. It was no surprise from HaHa and JongKook as they are singers, but Lee KwangSoo sounded pretty good despite the slight pitch problem.

Next was the game event with some lucky selected fans. A monopoly-kind board was shown on screen and the members roll the dice. Games played were 5 kind relay game, pepero game with KwangSoo and JongKook, and pushing the butt. The fans who played the games were really sporting and provide laughters to the spectators.

For the second segment, instead of games like we watched on tv, the members showed their singing skills and the fans partied the night away with their favourite variety show members.

Lets hope that the members will come to Malaysia again and film the show? Fighting!

Thanks to OneHD for the invitation!

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