[Exclusive] A breath of fresh air – Obroject!

Tired of your usual everyday k-pop songs? Then Obroject is for you! Composed of brothers Oh Tae Seok as vocalist and Oh Yun Seok as the rapper, the group Obroject was formed and they sing songs about with emotions of youth. The talented brothers writes and composed their own songs! Have a read on their profile here.

Obroject kpop duo interview
Oh Tae Seok (left) and Oh Yun Seok (right)

As apart of our Seoul interviews, we managed to meet up with the brothers for a quick interview. Although the brothers were still new to the industry, they were nonchalant in answering our questions.

Q: It rare seeing brothers performing as a duo in K-pop. What are the challenges and the merits of working together?

Oh Tae Seok (OTS): As we live in the same house, it is quite good as a brother that we can share our music easily, plus we understand each other. But we also know each other too much that sometimes it becomes a problem.

Oh Yun Seok (OYS): Since we live in the same house, I think making music together becomes easy, but also because we are close to each other, we sometimes fight a little.

Q : Did both of you guys started music together?

OTS: Actually our mom made us play the piano when we were young (during kindergarten). My younger brother wanted to be a star since he was younger. Then when I started to like music, and wanted to be a star, so we both joined an audition and that’s how we started.

Q: You just debuted in October, how does things change before and after debut?

OYS: Before debuting, eventhough we did music, it was not officially released or well known to other people, but after debuting with our music, we became officially available to people and we need to be more professional in this field.

Q: How long did you prepare before your debut?

OTS: We started since last December

Q: How were you scouted?

OTS: We were both in different artist agencies, then there was an audition in this company, so we came together as a team.

Q: Between the two of you, who gets recognized more? Does it differ with overseas fans?

OTS: (laughs) We are not sure. I think its the same. We have different styles, so I think fans like us differently. We have Japanese fans who came to visit us all the way from Japan and also fans from France.

Q: Its normal for brothers to fight with each other. When was the last time you fought with each other and how did you reconciled?

OYS: We don’t really fight with each other while making music or during activities. But as brothers, we do just fight over small things.

Q: Were you involved in your debut album production?

OTS: In the song Best Friend, we wrote the lyrics, and we did the raps too while the producer helped us a lot.

Obroject kpop group interview
Talented duo, Obroject

Q: Besides singing and rapping, do you have other talents?

OYS: I play the piano (readers, watch the Overdose cover!!)

OTS: Yeah, I play the piano too and I like watching movies

Q: If you have superpowers, what would it be?

OYS: When I was younger, I envisioned that I would be able to teleport and stop time. But between the two, I’d prefer teleportation.

OTS: Actually I have never thought of having superpowers, though I would like to have the Iron Man suit if I can.

Q: Who inspires you to do music?

OYS: My favourite musician is Tablo from Epik High. I tend to watch their music videos and listen to their music a lot to gain inspiration.

OTS: I like Maroon 5 a lot and Tablo too. I watch their performance and music videos and learn their gestures.

Q: If you were to go to a deserted island, what are the 3 things that you will bring? (someone at the back says girls! girls! – bringing laughter to the room)

OYS: I think I will bring my handphone, piano and computer. I play the piano when I’m bored so I don’t want to be bored there. haha

OTS: For me, I am more realistic, so I will bring stuff that could help me stay alive and also some stuff to keep me clean. I would also pack some food.

Q: What are your dreams for the future?

OYS: My dream is to let everyone know more about us. I wish we could become a musician that is accepted by everyone. Personally, I want to become influential, since there are many featured rapping in the songs, I want them to be influence by my songs.

OTS: My dream as a group is also the same as my brother, and to make our own style that people will mention about us and be reminded of us by our certain style of music. Personally, other than music, I would also want to challenge other aspects of entertainment and variety programs too.

Q: What are your favourite music/artist these days?

OYS: I listened to a ballad recently by Kim Dong Ryul because during autumn, I think ballad matches the weather so well

OTS: I don’t have a fix genre because I listen to all kinds of music. I have been listening to Busker Busker recently and we even covered one of the songs.

Q: Do you wish to collaborate with any artist?

OYS: For producing, I would like to collaborate with Primary, but for artist, I think I would like Zion-T!

OTS: I want to get features with Beenzino and also produce music with him.

Q: “This one thing, I can’t do it!” – do you have something like this?

OTS: Sexy dance? hahaha

OYS: Hmm, If we talk about music, I guess, I can’t do the cheesy cutesy style?

Then we get down to the Random Speed Quiz (a part where the artiste would have to answer with the first thing that came to their mind)!

Oh Tae Seok

Obroject Oh Tae Seok interview
Oh Tae Seok, the hyung
  • Favourite song nowadays – Maroon 5 Feelings
  • A CF you want to try – A mineral water CF?
  • Cutest member in MAMAMOO? – *softly* Moon Byul
  • What can you  cook confidently? – Ramyeon!
  • Suzy vs IU – Oh Suzy! Suzy!


Oh Yun Seok

Obroject Oh Yun Seok interview
Oh Yun Seok, the maknae


  • Favourite K-drama? – 미안하다 사랑 (Sorry Love)
  • I wish to act in this drama – The Inheritors
  • Funniest member in MAMAMOO? – Whee In
  • My good point is – Considerate
  • Jun Ji Hyun vs Song Hye Kyo – Jun Ji Hyun
With that ends our short interview with Obroject! We had so much fun together and this cannot be achieved without the help from Rainbowbridge Agency. We thank you for the opportunity. Good luck Obroject!


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Interview + translation by : Cho Dixxon

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