[Exclusive] Part 2 : MAMAMOO spills more about themselves + speed quiz!

Have you read the first part of our exclusive interview with MAMAMOO? Here’s the second part where we moved on from the serious part of the interview to a more relaxing question and answers 🙂

MAMAMOO Piano Man interview

MAMAMOO returns with Piano Man

The ladies were comfortable with each other and this is because they live under one roof! Solar and Wha Sa share a room together while Whee In shares with Moon Byul.

Solar(can’t wait to answer the question and has a cheeky grin and stares at Wha Sa) My room mate Wha Sa has many bed habits?

Wha Sa: Oh so you want to do it this way?? (jokingly)

Solar: She talks while she sleeps (잠꼬대) 🙂 Sometimes when I am awake while she was still asleep, I hear her talking to herself like 아니에요 (No) or안녕하세요 (Hello)

Wha Sa(laughs)

Solar: One time she suddenly woke up and then started pointing to the front and keeps saying something with her eyes closed and then.. she.. went back to sleep

Wha Sa(quickly cuts in) My room mate, Solar onni (sister) usually, when she is tired, she lies down and just fell asleep. But after a few hours, between 3am and 4am, there’s a thing that she usually does almost every night. This might sound scary but she starts combing her hair with her fingers while sleeping and makes sounds (and mimicks Solar) 

Solar: Which I don’t know and I don’t remember actually! (to her defense)

Wha Sa: Its actually scary how she does it at almost the same time everytime haha

and for the other roomies…

Moon Byul: Our room is with a double decker bed. I use the top deck and Whee In uses the bottom deck. We don’t have anything on each other right?

Whee In: Us? We usually practice our hearts out during practice times so usually when we go home, I tend to be more quiet and calm right?

Moon Byul: Yeah~

Whee In: Our bed is like our personal space to us, so whenever we go home, we just try to get as much rest as we can

What item can’t you leave home without?

Whee In: Firstly, we all have our Ipad because we don’t have personal phones. I would usually bring my Ipad around to listen to music. I also bring around my personal makeup case.

Wha Sa: As for me, I would usually bring my perfume. I am usually sensitive when it comes to smell especially when it comes to a person. I tend to remember a person by their smell. So I would bring my own perfume when I go on activities.

Solar: For me, I have a home study material that I bring along on activities. Currently I am learning Japanese. Of course, I will also learn English and come to Malaysia one day.

Song recommendations for this lovely season?

Wha Sa: I listen to world pop a lot. Currently, I listen to Hotel California by Eagles. There is a part of the lyric which I really like.

Whee In: Currently, I’m listening to Ariana Grande. During my trainee days, I would practice to a song by Ariana called Almost is Never Enough. From then on, I got to know about her and I grew to like her and listened to many of her songs.  There is also a song called Right There, which I listened to recently, so I recommend this song.

Solar: I also like Ariana Grande 🙂 There is this song called Best Mistake. I like the stage performance for this song too.

Moon Byul: I am currently listening to Gaeko sunbaenim’s No Make Up. I am crazy for this song because of Gaeko sunbaenim’s good rapping skills.

Random speed quiz –  a segment that we have where the members will have to answer with the first thing that came to their mind.

First up was Moon Byul who was excited for our random speed quiz

MAMAMOO Moon Byul Piano Man interview

Moon Byul


  • Favourite song nowadays – Gaeko sunbaenim, No Make Up!
  • A CF you want to try? – For hair! A shampoo CF!
  • Cutest member? – Whee In (earning a big smile from Whee In)
  • Something you can cook confidently – Fried egg!
  • Lee Jong Suk vs Kim Woo Bin – Kim Woo Bin!

Next up, Solar

MAMAMOO Solar Piano Man interview



  • Favourite movie – Ah! Titanic!
  • I wish to act in this drama.. – Liar Game!
  • Funniest member – Wha Sa (laughs)
  • My good point is – My smile (actually saying it in English)
  • Jung Joon Young vs Lee Jong Hyun (of CNBLUE) (both acted in Mr. Ambiguous MV) – Lee Jong Hyun sunbaenim!

Moving on with Whee In

MAMAMOO Whee In Piano Man interview

Whee In


  • Favourite K-drama – Reply Me series
  • I wish I can have a duet with – Beenzino!
  • Loudest/noisiest member? – Me! (laughs cutely)
  • Words/phrase that you often say – Ahh? Err? Ok! Ok? ㅋㅋㅋ
  • Won Bin vs Jo In Sung – Jo In Sung!

And lastly, Wha Sa

MAMAMOO Hwa Sa Piano Man interview

Hwa Sa


  • Favourite Singer? – Rihanna!
  • I wish I have this super power – Ability to become transparent
  • A member who cried the most – Me? Everyone is just shy hahaha
  • A recent lie you gave? – Ahh… to many!
  • K.Will vs Whee Sung (both acted in Mr. Ambiguous MV) – Whee Sung sunbaenim!

A big thank you to Rainbowbridge Agency and MAMAMOO for the interview.

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