[Profile] Let’s get intoxicated by Royal Pirates!

Royal Pirates is a talented Korean-American rock band under the management of Apple of the Eye Co. The band consists of Kim Moon Chul (vocals, guitar), James Lee (bass guitar), and Kim Soo Yoon (drums). Prior to their Korean debut on August 25th 2013 with the song “Shout Out”, Royal Pirates was already making their name among their loyal fans on YouTube. Formerly known as Fading From Dawn, the band was formed 10 years ago, in 2004. In 2009, after the passing of Moon’s brother Richard in April 2008, the band decided to change their name to Royal Pirates. The following  year, James joined the team. Royal Pirates gained fame by uploading rock versions of hit songs such as Nobody (Wonder Girls), Mirotic (TVXQ), I Hate You (2PM) and many more. Lets get to know each of them better, shall we?

Royal Pirates Moonchul

Stage Name: Moon
Birth Name: Kim Moon Chul
English Name: Andrew Kim
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Guitarist, Songwriter, Composer
Birth Date: September 2, 1988
Height: 177 cm
Blood Type: O
Twitter: @moonchul

Royal Pirates James

Stage Name: James
Birth Name: Lee Joo Hyun
English Name: James Joo Hyun Lee
Position: Bass, Vocalist
Birth Date: June 9 , 1988
Height: 190 cm
Blood Type: A
Twitter: @jamesjoohyunlee

Royal Pirates Sooyoon

Stage Name: Sooyoon
Birth Name: Kim Soo Yoon
Position: Drummer, Vocalist, Maknae, Songwriter, Composer
Birth Date: December 17, 1989
Height: 181 cm
Blood Type: A
Twitter: @sooyoonk

Check out the latest music video, Love Toxic by Royal Pirates.

Have you heard they are going to Bangkok soon for a showcase? Details here!

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