[Exclusive] JJCC talks about their impressions of each other and more!

A group formed under the management of Jackie Chan has a lot to offer.  Named JJCC, the group consists of 5 members;- E.Co, Simba, Eddy, San-Cheong and Prince Mak. Although just debuted in March 2014, the group is already well known to fans as they were no stranger to TV shows. The members have been on Master Chef Korea, So You Think You Can Dance, and Let’s Go Dream Team! to name a few.

K-Popped! manage to meet them in Seoul and talk about their music video, their first impressions on each other and Prince Mak calling Eddy Bart Simpson? Want to know more? Read on 🙂

JJCC Prince Mak interview
Prince Mak

Q: What is your first impression of each other?

Eddy: When I first met E.Co, at a coffee shop, he had a very dark aura about him. You could tell that he is a bit scary. So when our boss asked me about my perspective on him, I said “I’m not sure because he is sort of scary” but after I got to know him in person, it was different. As for San-Cheong, when I first met him, he was a bit more chubby and more lazy, haha..  but after that, he lost a lot of weight, worked out and got a little better. For Simba, he has the weirdest first impression. When I first saw him, he had a haircut like Spock from Star Trek. The best impression is however Prince Mak, because I heard a lot about him before meeting him – 1st place in audition, very good dancer, singer, very nice (Prince added: Very good looking) Not that, haha.. it was a very good impression.

Prince Mak: My very first impression of Eddy is also the best. He had long hair at the time and I was thinking that he looks like a girl. I didn’t know he was buff, as Jackie Chan has shown me videos and pictures of Eddy but it never occurred to me that he was buff, but he looks like a girl, in a very good way. But when I met him, he wasn’t what I expected him to be, he was more manly in real life. San-Cheong, the things I’ve heard about him before I came, a sleepy head, lazy and slow, and when I met him, he is exactly as they said! (lol!)  As for Simba, I thought that he was very manly, but he’s scared of bugs. For E.Co, he’s the oldest, and he’s just as I expected, the matured one and everyone listens to him. There are times when he likes to play and there are times I get scared of him, just like what Eddy says..

San-Cheong: It’s the same with me.

Eddy: I guess everyone’s impression of each other is the same. We hear a lot about each other before we actually met. San-Cheong and I were the first to meet Simba and his Spock hair, then the 3 of us met E.Co at the coffee shop and we were all thinking that he’s dark (scary). Then all 4 of us met Prince Mak.

JJCC Eddie interview

Q: The music video for One Way includes a body pumping sequence. How long did you practice the dance moves and were there any funny incidences?

Prince Mak: It was after “At First”, and we practiced the moves for 3 months. First, we had to do the acrobatics in which Simba and I end up getting hurt, and Eddy was the last one standing.

Eddy: If you see our performance, I always did the turn at the end. Before me, it was Simba doing the back flip in mid-air and Prince doing another acrobatic skill but they both got hurt and in the end it was just me.

Prince Mak: Yeah, throughout those 3 months, it was very hard. One Way was much different from our debut song. The energy and the push-ups in the video forced us to work on our body as well. 

JJCC Simba interview

Q: Any members who are interested in composing songs?

Eddy: For composing, Prince, Simba and San-Cheong are learning right now. But all 5 of us like to write lyrics, so hopefully in the future we’ll come up with songs with our own lyrics.

Prince Mak: I like composing but I think that we have better composers composing for us. For the meantime, I’ll leave it to professionals to write our lyrics. I am learning from them as well, so hopefully in the future, people will be hearing our music ^.^


Q: Being in a group, who is each other’s shoulder to cry on?

Prince Mak: I think we just cry together, haha

Eddy: Prince cries a lot (Prince: What??) Every night he would go “Eddy, we need to talk, I’m stress, let’s go eat chicken!”.  I think Prince relies on me a lot because we were the only two who can communicate really well (in English). So he often tells me about what he thinks about and what stresses him. For me, I usually talk to San-Cheong the most because I’ve known him the longest and he understands me more.

JJCC Sancheong interview
San Cheong

Q: If you are girl, which member would you date? 😉

Other members except Eddy: Owh, nooooo

Eddy: I would date Eddy!

Prince Mak: Definitely not Eddy!

Eddy: Why? I’m athletic, I can cook, what else do you need?

Prince Mak: But you’re Bart Simpson – Prince Mak’s nick name for Eddy  (thinking..) If I was a girl, I would date Simba! Because I think he is very responsible, and he can be very funny. But, we might be having trouble when there’s bugs around (Simba’s afraid of bugs). Hopefully if I was a girl, I wouldn’t be scared of bugs, haha..

Simba: All 4 guys are different; they have a very different personality. Someone who I am comfortable with, it would be San-Cheong, if I like someone who exercises a lot, it would be Eddy..

E.Co: None of them is to my taste, hahaha

JJCC Eco interview

Q: Who is your favourite artist/music these days?

Prince Mak: Justin Timberlake

Simba: Chris Brown

Eddy: These days, I listen to girl’s K-pop group a lot, so I think Hellovenus is really good.

San-Cheong: Will.I.Am


Q: What advice does Jackie Chan give you?

Prince Mak: He told us that “Hard work will never betray us”.  He really believes that if we keep working hard, we would get to where we want to be. Like him, he didn’t come from a wealthy family, but he worked hard, and look where he is now. He is the best example.

Eddy: He also like to tell us “Live today as if there is no tomorrow”. In his line of work, you can see that he’s always in the line of danger, almost died a couple of time, so live today like there’s no tomorrow. Have no regrets of today.


Thank you for the fun session guys! Hope to see you guys in Malaysia soon. We would also like to thank Jackie Chan Group Korea and ME Malaysia for the opportunity to interview JJCC. Peace out!

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