2AM heat up The Party of The Century

It was a twinkle twinkle night with themed The Glamorous 1920s. The party was really glittering and glamorous, featured stellar lineups of celebrities and guests! Among the notable guests are 2AM, Paris Hilton, Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas and Mark Vincent.

The night saw a star-studded event with some of the most notable personalities gracing the red-carpet. In keeping with this enviable project, the event was held in an unconventional location: the Empire City site that is due for completion at the end of 2015. To fully immerse guests in Empire City’s unique style, a section of the mall was completely transformed and fashioned after a 1920’s soiree complete with a grandeur entrance, elegant decor and arresting performances.

2AM vocals never disappointing
2AM vocals never disappointing

Kicking-off the evening was our favorite ballad boy band, 2AM who took over the stage and performed their hit songs; You Wouldn’t Answer My Call, Can’t Let You Go Even If I die and With or Without You to a screaming crowd of fans. Mesmerizing performance from 2AM and their vocals indeed the best!

After which a string of distinctive performances were put together, bringing to life the 5 pillars that underlined Empire City’s unique offerings. Showcasing the project’s prominence in Music, Australia’s Got Talent winner, Mark Vincent serenaded the crowd with superior vocals and performed a stunning showcase The excitement continued as Cait, the electric violinist cum aerialist performed a surreal acrobatic recital as she flipped, spun and played upside-down, at death defying heights to amplify Empire City’s positioning on Performances.

A string of distinctive performances were put together to bring to life the 5 pillars that underlined the project’s unique offerings: Music, Performances, Art, Design and Culture
A string of distinctive performances were put together to bring to life the 5 pillars that underlined the project’s unique offerings: Music, Performances, Art, Design and Culture

Embodying the Art feature, speed painters Michael Raivard and Brad Blaze, both renowned for magnificent masterpieces, had guests in awe as their creations came together in record speed. A group of shadow dancers played out an artistic routine to reinforce the development’s Design stature while the thunderous sound of drums coupled with flying dragons soared in and embodied Empire City’s deep roots in Culture.

As a special bonus, guests were also entertained by some of the biggest stars in the international circuit. Coming on after an enigmatic unveiling of Empire City’s 12 Towers, socialite, heiress and media personality, Paris Hilton, took over the decks and performed her signature mish-mash of EDM tracks. But not before soloist Mark Vincent returned to the spotlight and charmed guests with another stunning showcase. Taking over after a roaring applause was none other than Black Eyed Peas’ rapper cum Kung-Fu dancer, Taboo who performed some of the group’s top tracks; I got a feeling, Boom Boom Pow, Where is the Love and Rocking to the Beat.

Party of The Century-Empire City-Paris Hilton
A-list celebrities such as Paris Hilton, 2AM, Taboo and many others from across the world came together for the Party of the Century

To close off the evening, Zouk’s resident DJ Ken treated guests to a round of Electro House, Progressive House, Industrial and Electronica.

From style to service, and architecture to amenities, Empire City aims to deliver the most unique and enriched experience to all.  Included within Empire City will be a number of matchless offerings, such as the cinematic world’s first 4-D theatre, an Olympic-specification ice rink and stylized boulevards, like Asian Food Street, that will bring the international luxury feel to life for residents and visitors alike.

Guests were treated to spectacular performances
Guests were treated to spectacular performances

As a development preview, a first for a Malaysian project, Empire City’s “Party of the Century” with its ‘Glamourous 20’s’ theme has set a high standard and new benchmark for all others in 2015.

Thank you to Mammoth Empire for the invite. We surely had a great night!

Party of The Century-Empire City confetti

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