Bii My Love Live in Malaysia 2015 ticket launch!

Bii My Love Live in Malaysia 2015 ticket launch 6

Bii 毕书尽 will be in Malaysia for four days to officially announce his career’s first concert, which will be held in Malaysia <<Bii My Love Live in Malaysia>> on 21st March 2015 in Stadium Negara and promote his 3rd album, “Action Bii”. His promotional tour schedule included autograph sessions in Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur and Penang on three consecutive days, various interviews with television and radio stations and a ticket launch/mini-showcase in Fahrenheit88 in Kuala Lumpur.

A calm aura surrounds Bii as he walked in for the press conference in Pullman Hotel, Bangsar on 17th January. The emcee had joked earlier that he used to be apprehensive in interviewing Bii because he says so little. However, Bii seemed to be more comfortable speaking in Mandarin this time around and nodded in agreement when it was pointed out that he speaks out more now. Bii attributes it to the fact that his Mandarin has improved.

Bii My Love Live in Malaysia 2015 ticket launch 4

Adding to that, you can also expect a cheekier and more mischevious Bii during his upcoming concert. Although the concert is still 2 months away, Bii has thought about how his concert would be and expressed that he hopes to show his fans a different, more upbeat side of him. Meanwhile, with regards to guest appearances, he has yet to finalise the list but he has confirmed that one of the groups under the same company, Eagle Music will definitely be a part of his concert.

Bii My Love Live in Malaysia 2015 ticket launch ice breaking

An ice-breaking session was held to reveal the date and the name of the concert he will be preparing for, for his fans.

Speaking of his latest album, Bii said he was given 8 days to shoot all 7 music videos for “Action Bii” (as well as the album photoshoot) in England and France. Initially, he thought the trip would be fun but he ended up spending more than 75% of his time working and even revealed that some of the crew barely got 2-3 hours of sleep daily.

During the press conference, Bii also addressed claims that one of his songs, “你在ㄍㄧㄥ什麼? (Baby Don’t)” is plagiarised from CN Blue’s “I’m Sorry”. He concurs that there are parts of the song that do sound similar and adds that as both songs are of the pop-rock genre, similarities are sometimes inevitable. He tries not to overthink about the incident as he is usually involved in the composition process of his own songs. In fact, Bii had a pretty active hand in his latest album, as with his previous works.

Later that day, he entertained the crowd in Fahrenheit 88 with his promotional track, “Action Go~” as well as the slower,  “I Wanna Say” and they were as good live, as he sounded in the album.

Bii My Love Live in Malaysia 2015 ticket launch 3

Bii captivating the crowd with his voice!

The emcee continued to poke fun at Bii by saying that his name provides room for imagination because that is what lovers may call one another as a short form of ‘baby‘ (i.e. biiiii).

Bii My Love Live in Malaysia 2015 ticket launch

Besides getting to see Bii in action, selected fans even got to play a game with him where they had to catch ping pong balls thrown by Bii. Eventually, the winner walked away with an opportunity to have a selfie taken with Bii.

The mini-showcase ended with an autograph session for album owners as well as concert ticket holders, which lasted a few hours due to the long queue.

We caught wind that tickets for the RM238 category of his concert has been sold out. So if you do plan to attend his concert, do get your tickets quick! Both online purchasing ( and ticket sales in outlets have already begun. Meanwhile, phone purchase (03-9222 8811) can be made from 10am on 19th January. Ticket prices range from RM488 (VVIP ), RM388 (VIP), RM338 (PS1), RM238 (PS2) to RM168 (PS3).

Bii My Love Live in Malaysia 2015 ticket launch 5

For more information on Bii’s tour to Malaysia, do visit Absolive Entertainment ( or Click Entertainment ( or Universal Music Malaysia’s Chinese Facebook page.

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