[Exclusive] A tantalizingly Tasty interview

It was a breezy day and we welcomed the warmth that SM Entertainment building has to offer us. Tho with the heater on, we could still feel the chill but all that changed, when we entered the room where we were supposed to interview the Tasty. From slightly chilly, to warm (when we entered the building) to slightly sweating (from the hotness that exudes from the duo). Tasty, a duo consisting of male twins, DAE RYONG and SO RYONG welcomed greeted us in with the brightest smile.

Talented duo, Tasty

“Hi! We’re Tasty! I’m DAE RYONG, and I’m SO RYONG” introduced the boys, but in my head I kept trying to differentiate which one is which, but thankfully, they wore different style of clothing. That helps me a little, but who is older? DAE RYONG or SO RYONG? “DAE RYONG is the older brother and I’m the youngest”, mentioned SO RYONG as if knowing what I was thinking. Perhaps they have been asked the same question every time they met someone new? Hmm…

Tasty! When we heard the name Tasty, we thought about delicious food and but that’s not what the name Tasty means to the duo “Our CEO came up with the name right before the shooting of our first music video and it doesn’t have to do with food. It means that sexy, handsome and how we want to show our capability, which is Tasty” says the Big Dragon (the meaning of their name in Chinese) DAE RYONG.  So what do you think readers? Doesn’t the word Tasty mean much more now? Betcha when someone says “Wow, that looks tasty!” in a restaurant and you thought of two hot and sexy men, hehe..      

Being the talented duo that they are, who can dance and sing to both fast songs (such as 너 나 알아 and 떠나가) and slow, RnB style, but which kind of song do they prefer? We prefer fast songs which we can dance to. Because we are good at dancing, we want to show the fans what we enjoy doing“. Its no wonder that they still dance for the song Addiction, which was a pretty good ballad, but made strong with the dance performance which showcases the duo’s talent in dancing.


Talking about the songs, makes us wonder what kind of music videos that they would want to shoot next, as we’ve seen them always performing their dance moves in the videos. Perhaps a video with a nice story line and a leading lady? “We want to shoot good music videos. So, we want a nice set and nice angles where we can focus on the dance moves”.

The duo, being identical twins, from head to toe, even their voice are alike. So we asked, who gets recognized more on the streets and were the fans able to tell them apart? Tasty twins laughed and said no, most of the people can’t tell them apart “Hope they will soon” – added DAE RYONG. And when on the streets, DAE RYONG gets recognized more than SO RYONG. “When we were in Tokyo last time, a guy came up to us and said he knew us and asked for our autograph and we were quite surprised”. 

When talking about twins, most people would be questioning whether twins have misunderstandings and being human, yes, they do. “To be honest, we fought a lot with each other to the point that we don’t fight anymore as we have always been together”. Interviewer – so, when you two are apart, would you feel that the other is maybe feeling sickly or something? Like a telepathic connection. And this brought laughter to the two of them and sadly, no, unlike all the myths you (readers) have heard or read about, twins do not have telepathic connection but they do know what the other’s are thinking about, due to the time spent together.


And this is something to be jealous about, as the duo have traveled to many places before, due to their line of duty. But each country has different kind of fans and which country do they feel more memorable? Countries I have visited are all very memorable. But if I have to choose a specific one, for me, its the Philippines, the weather was hot and the fans, they have crazy energy. The food was good too and I want to go there more oftensays SO RYONG. While for DAE RYONG, Other than China and Korea, I would say its Thailand. We had fun in Thailand a few years agoand hopefully when Tasty comes to Malaysia, we’ll show them how different it is here and the crowd will be cr-a-zy for them, right K-popped! readers? Let’s show ’em! Which comes to our next question, have the twins thought about coming to Malaysia for a concert or maybe a holiday? “We would want to and are willing to go to any country for the fans. I hope we get a chance to go to Malaysia in the future” says SO RYONG.

So what’s next in store for Tasty? “Right now, we’re focusing on our Chinese promotion, so there is no plan yet for a new album. But we hope that the fans will look forward to our next song, when it comes out!”

Any messages to the fans in Malaysia? “Dear Malaysian fans, hope to see you guys soon!” says SO RYONG while DAE RYONG added “Keep supporting us and see you guys on Instagram and Twitter! If you miss me just hit me!”

Thanks for the wonderful time guys and a special thanks to SM Entertainment, Woollim Entertainment and ME Malaysia for the exclusive interview with Tasty!

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