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[Exclusive] Know more about SM Entertainment’s Red Velvet!

SM Entertainment did it again! With big groups such as Girls’ Generation and SUPER JUNIOR, another group has taken over the K-pop world, and it is Red Velvet! Made up of 4 girls, WENDY, SEULGI, IRENE and JOY, the group was already well known before they debuted as Red Velvet. This is because 3 of them were in the group SM Rookies and their popularity continued on in Red Velvet. Their first single Happiness was a motivating, happy song, and they came back to the music scene with a follow up hit, Be Natural. We managed to sit down and have a chat with the girls.

Red Velvet Be Natural 2

Q: It has been a few months since Red Velvet’s debut stage and you are back with a second song, Be Natural. Do you feel as nervous as your debut stage?

SEULGI: The feeling is the same as when we debuted, especially the first comeback stage. We wondered and hoped that people would love this song as much, mixed with anticipation and nervousness.

Q: If you can re-do your debut stage, would you want to change anything?

WENDY: For me, I would like to be able to change how we looked like on stage. Instead of the nervous looks, we want to portray a more relaxed and cool performance.

Q: As JOY was not introduced in SM Rookies, how do you feel when you joined Red Velvet?

JOY: From the first practice session with the three of them, I have felt close to them.

Q: How long did u prepare for your debut and what is the hardest part of preparing?

SEULGI – 7 years

IRENE – 5 years

WENDY and JOY – 2 years

SEULGI: Rather than it being hard, the practice hours were long and there were times when we were feeling unconfident that we were going make it. But with friends help, we managed to make the practice period fun.

Red Velvet Be Natural

Q: After months/years of training, how does it feel to debut and being known rather than just a trainee for SM?

SEULGI: During training, it was fun. But when we first debuted, we were feeling happy that people were starting to like us and we received a lot of love from them. Because of their support, we don’t feel tired.

Q: For WENDY, coming from Canada, were your parents supportive of your dream of becoming an idol?

WENDY: Although my parents opposed to my decision to become an idol at first, I have really wanted to sing and become a singer. Even if I fail, or slumped into a difficult decision, my parents have helped a lot and stayed by my side.

Q: Has any of the members thought about song writing or composing?

JOY: We have always thought of writing our own songs.

SEULGI: We want to compose and write songs which are interesting and fun.

Q: Being in a company full of successful idols, who do you look up to? 


JOY: I’ve loved TVXQ! for a long time, and it is one of the reasons why I became a singer

SEULGI: Same as JOY, I like TVXQ! too, and the reason why I joined SM Entertainment

WENDY: Me, too! For a long time, it has been TVXQ! Although the training period is long and tiring, the image portrayed by TVXQ! made me endured it

Red Velvet Happiness 2

Q: Which concept do you prefer – Happiness’s happy concept or Be Natural’s sexy concept?

JOY: We love both concept, but for me, Happiness is fun and cute.

SEULGI: Both concepts are good, with Happiness we are more relaxed and portray our happy side, but with Be Natural, we have to show our charisma and such.

WENDY: For me, I would choose both! Both concept is great as long as we look good (laughs)

Q: When it comes to Red Velvet’s fashion, who is the fashionista and who is the fashion terrorist?

WENDY: There is no fashion terrorist among us (laughs)

SEULGI: Each of us has different style

IRENE: We are all fashionista (more laughs)

Q: IRENE, as a leader, is it tough?

IRENE: More than hard and difficult, we always talk to each other and help each other out and I thanked the members for that.

Q:  Do you like to eat red velvet cake? Can anyone bake?

JOY: We love the cake but in baking..

(all at once): Wendy!

SEULGI: WENDY is the baker in the group. She makes bread, cookies and takes care of the members and staff.

WENDY: Yes, I love baking 🙂

Q: Moving forward, what are your goals for Red Velvet?

WENDY: There are still people who don’t know about Red Velvet, so we want to show them that there’s a lot of talent from Red Velvet.

We would like to wish a big thank you to SM Entertainment and ME Malaysia for the opportunity of interviewing the lovely girls of Red Velvet. We hope for 2015 to be more successful for Red Velvet!

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