[Exclusive] Zhang Li Yin talks about composing, singing and interests in variety shows

Zhang Li Yin, a singer known for her powerful vocal and beautiful physique, is truly divine in person, like an angel. We were in awe when we met her for the first time, and we were done for after hearing her sing a few lines of her favourite song. Zhang Li Yin is taking over and is here to stay!http://k-popped.com/kpopped2012/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif

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Zhang Li Yin, a Chinese solo singer, active in both China and South Korea knows that she was destined to be a singer since the age of 8. “I have always loved singing since I was little and since then, I know that I wanted to be a singer” and her dreams followed through when her cover of the song Timeless (originally sung by Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson) topped the charts in South Korea for 2 weeks.

In SM the Ballad, Zhang Li Yin also sang a duet with EXO’s CHEN for the song Breath. As the chemistry that both of them has is really good and shown in the collaboration, I’m sure most of our readers are wondering, what does Zhang Li Yin thought about CHEN? “CHEN is a very nice guy with a good personality, he shines”.

Having a beautiful voice is no guarantee that your vocals are perfect all the time, as Zhang Li Yin mentioned to us, “I always practice the songs at home and give special care for the important parts of the lyrics which needs more emotion. I also do a bit of exercise before a show so that I have a steady voice”. This proves that even if you were born with a beautiful voice, practice makes perfect.

The beauty does not only sing, but she composes and writes lyrics too. To Zhang Li Yin, composing and song writing is something she enjoys doing and it doesn’t have to be at a special time. Other than song writing, she also enjoys designing clothes and hopes to venture into designing in the future.

Zhang Li Yin kpopped interview

With variety shows taking over our everyday lives and idols took part in the shows to fans amusement, will we be seeing Zhang Li Yin in a variety show soon? “I would love to be in a variety show. I’m interested in a show that has something to do with music. Owh, and I know Shila Amzah (Shila Amzah was a participant in the show I Am A Singer in China), “She’s from Malaysia right?” (Interviewer feeling a bit proud as a Malaysian singer’s name is mentioned).

We also asked Zhang Li Yin about her preference in music, as most of her songs has been slow, ballad songs. Would she be up to recording and promoting a faster song which requires her to dance? “Yes, I would be interested to try a dance song; probably I will show it to the fans in the future”. 

Being in the music industry for quite a long time, where does Zhang Li Yin thinks she will be in 5 years’ time? “Hopefully I will still be singing as I love singing so much. I will definitely keep coming back with good songs for my fans, and a great concert for the fans, and of course, a better me”. We wish you all the best Zhang Li Yin!

We would like to thank SM Entertainment and ME Malaysia for the great opportunity of interviewing the goddess Zhang Li Yin.

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