K-MUCH 1st Showcase in Malaysia Press Conference

K-MUCH has finally get a chance to meet their fans in Malaysia for their first time this weekend for “K-MUCH 1st Showcase in Malaysia” presented by New Pro Star. K-Popped! attended the press conference held at Neway Karaoke One Utama to get to know the boys.

From left : G.Low, Kiu, BornUs, Ato

K-MUCH is a four-member South Korean boyband debuted in 2014 under Chrome Entertainment. Debuted on 7 January 2014 with the release of their first mini album Beyond the Ocean, the group is now consists of Kiu, G.Low, BornUs and Ato.

The members gave a little story about how they were formed back in 2013. G.Low was in the United States for about 5 years before coming back to Korea to pursue his dream to be a rapper and BornUs was a backup dancer for Crayon Pop and later was auditioned to be part of the group. Kiu wanted to become an idol and fully supported by his family whilst Ato being a good son to his mother, fulfilling her dream to see her son being an idol.

K-MUCH members want to go to ‘pasar malam’? And the beach?

When they were asked activities that they want to do after their schedules in Malaysia ended, G.Low said he wants to go to the beach because according to him, it’s very cold in Korea now hence, he wants to go to warm places with the members.

“We would like to go to the local night market and try Malaysian local food though we also have night market in Korea,” Ato answered.

Kiu added, they saw a night market when they were on their way to the hotel, it looked interesting and different from Korea.

Please give a lot of love!

Individual talent time! All four members showed their individual talent during the press conference to the media and few fans.

Being the youngest of the group, Ato showed his aegyo through acting to gwiyomi song while Kiu as the lead vocal serenaded us with his soothing voice. BornUs showed his dance skill with Sunmi’s 24 hours moves whilst G.Low did imitation of the singer ‘Wonderful World’.

One of the fans who came got a chance to teach them some Malay sentences that they want to learn which is, ‘K-MUCH loves Malaysia, please give us a lot of love!’ and they succeeded in one try!

When being asked about their preparation for the showcase in Malaysia, leader Kiu explained they have prepared all songs from their mini album with some interesting elements.

“We also brought special gifts from Korea to be given to our fans during our showcase,” he added before the press conference ended.

Please look forward for their 1st Showcase in Malaysia on Saturday at Mahkota Parade at 3pm and Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur on Sunday at 6pm.

The organiser for this showcase is New Pro Star, official mall Quill City Mall and Mahkota Parade, official hotel Silka Hotel, official restaurant Dubu Dubu, official karaoke Neway and official magazine YG & EPOP.

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