Lee Minho graces innisfree Festa 2015


Minoz must be happy because Lee Minho is back again in Malaysia. In wake of its inaugural store opening in iconic shopping haven, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall last December, Korea’s most trusted natural beauty brand, innisfree continued its celebration on a high note with innisfree Festa 2015 featuring its Global Brand Ambassador from Korea, Lee Minho.


innisfree (translated literally to “pure island”) showcased its pursuant of the philosophy of bringing healthy beauty to body and mind with the pure ingredients from the clean island of Jeju through innisfree Festa, which has been successfully held in other countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

According to the Marketing Director from innisfree headquarters, Ms. Koo Ae-Ran, “With increasing green consciousness and lifestyles in harmony with nature booming, it was a timely decision for us to bring the natural goodness of Jeju to Malaysia to fuel the demand for natural beauty products. As we make our mark in Malaysia, we are grateful and indeed thankful that innisfree is well-received in the local market. As we celebrate the success with our loyal customers today, I can assure you that the store at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall is just the first of many stores planned for Malaysia in the near future”.


She adds, “Committed to take our green goals to the next level, this closed-door innisfree Festa is our way of bringing the essence of Jeju Island alive. We believe the thoughtfully crafted experiential walkthrough will take you one step closer to understanding the green ideology and methodology behind this brand. Plus, it’s also our way to introduce our Global Brand Ambassador, Lee Minho to his fans and local media”.

The innisfree Festa, designed to share the holistic experiential overview of the naturalist K-beauty brand, was enjoyed by distinguished guests, media representatives and 110 lucky customers who won their chance to be at this event and meet their idol, Lee Minho.

Lee Minho shares innisfree experience with fans


The formalities came with the most anticipated event of the innisfree Festa: the opportunity of a lifetime to meet the debonair Korean heartthrob and artiste, Lee Minho.

Although having flown in the late evening before, Lee Minho, standing tall in all his manly charismatic glory, were all smiles as he greeted the media and proceeded to answer some of the many questions that were raised. He also shared his daily (beauty) regime and shared that he never leaves home without his innisfree‘s Forest for Men-All-in-one Essence. Given his hectic filming and busy travel schedule, Lee Minho also said, “I definitely credit innisfree’s Super Volcanic Pre Clay Mask and Green Tea Seed Serum for keeping my skin clear, hydrated and fresh round the clock.”

Later, to officiate innisfree‘s launch into Malaysia and commemorate innesfree Festa 2015, Lee Minho, together with innisfree‘s global and local representatives, Ms. Koo Ae-Ran and Ms. Margaret Chin (General Manager of AMOREPACIFIC Malaysia), watered a green tea plant as a symbolic gesture. This joyous moment signified nnisfree’s promise to spread natural and green beauty in Malaysia, directly delivering the natural benefits of Jeju to local customers through its products and sustainable efforts.

At the afternoon session with customers, the whole room erupted into screams of delight when it came to the time for celebrity emcee, Julie Woon, to welcome Lee Minho onto the stage. There were fun-filled interactive activities and multiple opportunities for the fans to get up close and personal with their beloved idol Lee Minho. This kept fans on their toes as they vied for a coveted spot to be on stage with their favourite actor.

One of the key highlights was the Bingo Game, an interactive quiz with questions related to Lee Minho and innisfree. Not only the customers learned about the brand and their idol, the game also rewarded the first three who striked the Bingo lines with innisfree‘s green tea gift sets and exclusive photo moments.

That’s not all. The crowds were drown in a sea of jealousy when three lucky fans handpicked by Lee Minho from the Wishing Tree got to read their personal messages to him and walked away with exciting gifts.

With innisfree experiencing tremendous amount of success in and outside of Korea, Lee Minho said that he felt very happy and blessed to be appointed as the global face of the brand. He also thanked all his fans for supporting him and also innisfree, and that he will continue the sustainable efforts practised by the brand as its ambassador.

The session ended with a ‘groufie’ photographic moment between Lee Minho and all the lucky customers in attendance. Indeed a perfect way to end the session, and also a fantastic start for innisfree Malaysia.

innisfree is located at SUnway Pyramid Shopping Mall, G1.70, Ground Floor (Orange Zone). Follow innisfree Malaysia facebook for more info about innisfree, innisfree Festa, Lee Minho and current/future promotions.

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