Special Fan Meeting: Let’s Fly with B1A4 & Acer

B1A4 Special Fan Meeting in Malaysia 2

B1A4 was back in Kuala Lumpur for their first showcase in Malaysia through the ‘Let’s Fly with B1A4 ’, Special Fan Meeting in Kuala Lumpur. They have previously performed in Malaysia with A Pink for ONE FM’s One Concert in 2012 and the Most Amazing Live Malaysia Concert in 2011.

The boys kicked things off with their upbeat, debut song, “OK” and followed with “Beautiful Target“, known among Korean-Pop fans for one of its lines, “you zoom zoom heart like a rocket.”

Later on, the quintet stopped to catch their breath while taking the time to introduce themselves to the crowd.

CNU: Hello, I’m CNU!
Baro: Malaysia, apa khabar? dah makan? Nama saya Baro!
Sandeul: Apa khabar?
Gongchan: Apa khabar? Nama saya Gongchan.
Jinyoung: Apa khabar? Nama saya Jinyoung.

B1A4 Special Fan Meeting in Malaysia 3

Jinyoung then led the first talk session and expressed his enthusiasm for a good performance that night. Sandeul also asked if the fans were doing okay as he was worried about the flood in Malaysia and if it affected the fans. I just wanna make sure that you guys are okay,” he says, earnestly. Gongchan then mentioned he was happy to see the fans and would like to return for another performance.

B1A4 then resumed their performance with the title song of their second studio album, “Lonely“, a slow ballad coupled with a cool choreography. Next up, was the mid-tempo, “If“. The two slower songs definitely showcased the group as one with pretty solid vocals and brought a nice change to the venue’s atmosphere.

It was then time for the second interaction session. The boys each got to pick a sticky note from a board, where fans have left many questions before the start of the showcase. Upon selecting the sticky notes, the chosen fans who were requested to come up to the stage.

B1A4 Special Fan Meeting in Malaysia 4

One of the fans selected was a mother, whose daughter cheekily wrote that her mum has been waiting for B1A4 for 43 years. Another asked if the boys had any dramas lined up for 2015, in which Baro boldly replied with a “No!“. Meanwhile, Sandeul was requested to perform a scene from his musical and he gamely did, after first appearing embarrassed at the request. As for Jinyoung, he did a unique combination of beatbox and aegyo (*buing buing*, anyone?) to his fan. It was also the Birthday of Baro’s fan and he serenaded her, together with the other fans, with a Birthday song. After one round of re-enacting scenes from famous Korean dramas, the mum was pronounced winner based on the crowd’s applause.

The boys then continued their stage with another medley of songs. This time with “Pretty“, “Solo Day” and “A Glass of Water“. The latter two are songs from their latest, fifth mini-album.

B1A4 Special Fan Meeting in Malaysia

It was finally time for B1A4 to bid farewell to their fans. Baro says they are preparing for a new album, to wait and to not forget them. Gongchan reiterated that it is nice to spend the new year with their fans, BANA and look forward to coming back to Malaysia again. CNU agrees and said he had so much fun. Jinyoung summed it up nicely by saying being able to spend the past four years of his career with the fans have been the best.

The boys then closed the event with “What’s Happening/What’s Going On“, re-mixed with “Baby Goodnight“.

Later on, VVIP ticket holders got to participate in a hi-five session with the boys and were even treated with a performance of “You Are My Girl“, after the session.

Special thanks for TGM Events for the invite.

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