Two-Faced Hyun Bin in K-drama ‘Hyde, Jekyll, Me’

If you have religiously followed the popular K-drama ‘Pinocchio‘ starring Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye and wondered what could possibly cure your hangover after the series ended, well you have finally found your answer!

Hyde Jekyll Me poster

Hyde, Jekyll, Me: Main casts Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min

Marking Hyun Bin‘s return to the silver screens after his last appearance in ‘Secret Garden‘ way back in 2010, the new K-drama ‘Hyde, Jekyll, Me‘ is modelled after the classic novel of a man who had two different personalities.

‘Hyde, Jekyll, Me’ is a romantic comedy set in a theme park, Wonderland. Gu Seo Jin (played by Hyun Bin) has a dual personality which is diverse like Jekyll and Hyde due to a trauma during his childhood. In result, he could be utterly cold one moment but innocently sweet the next minute.

As the director of the theme park, he attempts to chase away the circus that operates in the park. In the process, he meets the adorable and delightful ringmaster, Jang Ha Na (played by Han Ji Min), who reorganizes the circus so it has a chance to stay.

Also starring Sung Joon (Gu Family Book) and Girl’s Day Hyeri, ‘Hyde, Jekyll, Me’ airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 8.55PM starting February 25 on ONE HD (Astro B.yond Ch393). Do make sure to tune in!

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