EXO proves why they are no 1 at the EXO Planet #2 – The EXO’luXion concert

EXO Planet 2 The EXOluXion concert Exodus

There is a saying that you’re strong not because of who you are but for the support that was given to you. In this case, it is true. EXO, consists of 10 male members – KAI, Sehun, Chanyeol, SUHO, Baekhyun, D.O, CHEN, Tao, XIUMIN and LAY is a group that debuted merely 3 years ago, became the first group to perform 5 shows at the Olympic Gymnastics Hall, Seoul. Tickets to the original 4 shows were sold out as soon as ticket sales were open to public resulting in fans requesting for an additional day.

EXO’luXion, the title given to the 2nd solo concert is a combination of the name of the group EXO and Revolution, with the Roman number ten (X), which translates as EXO’s resolution for the new tour with unique and upgraded performance.

EXO greeted their fans who came and for giving them non-stop support
EXO greeted their fans who came and for giving them non-stop support

At the 3 hour concert, fans were entertained with 28 songs which includes not only hit songs such as MAMA, Wolf, Growl and Overdose but also several unreleased songs from their upcoming album. Each segment of the concert was carefully planned and showcases EXO’s different charms, with plenty of space for interaction with fans.

Following the concept of EXO’s debut music video MAMA, a VCR was shown in the beginning to introduce the group with the narrator explaining the discovery of 10 objects. The audiences’ scream became louder with each members shown on screen, heating up the atmosphere as it goes on. With 2 large sliding LEDs, and 4 large screens, even fans from far behind can enjoy the show clearly and became closer to the boys.

The appearance of a 40 member choir further heighten up the atmosphere and adding the feel of grandness to the show. When the choir started singing, we could feel goose bumps creeping in. The choir accompanied the beginning of the first song, Overdose which was performed in rock version, before it continues on with History. Then the fans were introduced to one of the new songs from their upcoming album, which started with El Dorado. Fans were delighted as the song which was first introduced in one of the teasers (during their debut time) finally made it into an album. The choreography involves a lot of hip play, and light sticks (which reminds us of the Jedi in Star Wars, protecting the universe using lightsabers).

Beautifully lit up stage for El Dorado
Beautifully lit up stage for El Dorado

After 3 songs non-stop, EXO finally stopped and greeted the fans. It was never a one way conversation as each question asked by the boys were replied by screaming fans. Fans replied how they love the song that they’ve been waiting for to be released (El Dorado) and also delighted when KAI and Tao assures their fans that the injury they were having (Tao did not perform most of the songs on the 1st day of the concert due to a healing injury and KAI had a minor accident during the 1st day) is improving and for the fans not to worry.

During the second segment, the performances includes a remix of songs from the previous album XOXODon’t Go & Baby Don’t Cry and 2 new songs, Playboy and My Answer. The song Don’t Go which was performed for the first time includes a graceful dance which imitates the movement of the butterfly (translation of the song title from Korean which compares the girl to a beautiful butterfly). Playboy, the second new song performed for the night includes a lot of gyrating hip movements which drove the fans crazy. For Baby Don’t Cry, the group brought the performance to a new height. The song which was sung by only members of EXO-K, includes a sexy and wet dance performance by the main dancers – KAI and Sehun, which portrays the hurtful feeling of a guy separated from a lover. The emotions by the vocals and the graceful dance moves (which includes KAI and Sehun rolling around wet in a puddle of water on stage) really captured the mood of the song. After the wet performance which was closed by KAI, the vocal line of EXO-K once again captured their fans attention by appearing on stage, decked in white suits, on a moving stage with Baekhyun on piano for their 3rd new song My Answer.

The light sticks lights up the stadium that night
The light sticks lights up the stadium that night

The second VCR of the night drove fans crazy as it shows the boys taking their “girlfriend” around which includes KAI teleporting to the girl’s classroom (because the girl was missing him), Xiumin preparing a meal and Lay serenading the girl with his guitar playing skills. We were then entertained with The Star (a song from their Winter Special album) and a very ear catching 4th new song EXOdus which includes a powerful dance segment by Lay. 5th new song Hurt makes us feel grieve ourselves as we could feel the hurt of a lover that has been played.

It is not the first time that EXO has been portrayed as elves, bringing happiness everywhere but this 3rd video tops the cake as it’s the cutest and hilarious portrayal. The elves, lived in a coffee maker, lived each day to serve a special girl. And not just that, the boys came on stage, in their elves outfit croon outs to the song Peter Pan while giving out marshmallows to lucky fans around the stadium, while goofing around on stage, making fans laugh and spreading happiness all over. Not enough with the hype of sugar high from the elves throwing marshmallows, EXO went behind a see through curtain and teases the fans while changing clothes and sang the song Lucky. Still in a giving mood, EXO went ahead and threw shirts to the fans and we were once again amazed at CHEN’s powerful throw (the shirt went over our head to fans who were seated on the 3rd floor).

Won't you fall for these cute elfs?
Won’t you fall for these cute elfs?

Even though the concert was held in early spring, who says we can’t celebrate Christmas all over again? EXO brought the joy of Christmas in the month of March with songs from their Winter Special Album songs – Christmas Day, The First Snow and Miracles in December. Tao who was missing from most of the songs appeared for their 6th new song which was a heavy rap tune named Full Moon. Full Moon continues on the vibe of their 1st rap tune from their 1st mini album – Two Moons. Fans were invited to sing along at the part where Chanyeol and Tao screamed EX and the fans screamed O (forming the word EXO). Chanyeol and Tao were joined by 2 rappers of EXO-K, Sehun and KAI. The hype doesn’t die there, the song morphs into another hit from their 1st mini album, Machine and they were joined with the rest of the group.

The stage then transformed into a club when a disk jockey’s turn table platform suddenly appears from the roof at the center stage where DJ Chanyeol takes over. Chanyeol dj’ed to their 7th new song Drop That and managed to get the fans on their feet and dance along. The beat continues on with Let Out The Beast, which shows a lot of laser plays where 3 of the members elevate on stage. The segment closed with a song from their 2nd mini album, Run.

The wait for the main song off the new album was over for the fans when a video introduction for the song Call Me Baby was shown on screen and the boys show up once again on stage. Looking dapper in black pants and blue suits, they make the girls go crazy over and over with a short preview of the song and slick dance moves. The segment continues on with fan favourites such as Growl, Wolf and MAMA. The powerful song MAMA was made even more powerful with the reappearance of the 40 member choir.

Powerful laser play..
Powerful laser play..

All good things must come to an end, though the fans did not want it, it was bound to happen. But EXO made a Promise (final new song introduced) to the fans with a song composed by LAY, CHEN and Chanyeol. With the song, EXO promised to be with the fans and to believe in the word ‘We are one’ that they hold together. The concert ends with EXO thanking the fans and a rendition of the song Angel, from their 1st mini album.

EXO and their fans have gone through a lot. Looking from the support by the fans and the 110% of effort given by the group, they will definitely soar and become one of the best groups in history. The power from the fans (EXO-L) and effort from both EXO-K and EXO-M is truely something to be amazed. EXO is also one of the first group to release new songs through a concert. The new album will be out by the end of March.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank SM ENTERTAINMENT for the opportunity of attending the EXO’luXion concert.

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