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That is what you hear all around when the GOT7 1st Fan Meeting in Malaysia ended. GOT7, a talented group from JYP Entertainment, made up of 7 charming and handsome boys, first came to Malaysia a few months ago to shoot their music video A. Relatively new to the music scene, their popularity proves otherwise.

Although the fan meeting was held in a small venue in KL Live Centre, the event was attended by 1500 fans who came from not just Malaysia, but fans from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea and Japan were also in attendance. JB, Jr. (Junior), Jackson, Mark, BamBam, Youngjae and Yugyeom were all smiles and happy when their arrival on the night before the showcase was welcomed by hundreds of screaming fans at the airport. “This is our second time here after shooting the music video, we are happy that they keep supporting us, liking and coming to the fan meet” chimes JB, at the Press Conference held hours before the showcase.

GOT7 1st Fan Meeting in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 4

GOT7 won Best New Artiste at the recent Golden Disk Awards, but they are still humble and down to earth. “When we were here for the music video shooting, the weather was nice but hot, and fans were following us and waited all day until we finished shooting. We were very thankful and we thanked the fans for all their love and support for us. We’ll keep coming here if the fans still want us”well, is that a hint that GOT7 will be back for a full fledged concert? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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When Jin, the MC for the day asked GOT7 about the food in Malaysia, BamBam, of Thai nationality mentioned that each and every one of them enjoyed the food that they had in Malaysia when they were here. So when they found out that they were coming again, they were talking to each other about which food they haven’t tried and look forward to. Jin then tried to asked BamBam to choose which is better, Thai food or Malaysian, in which BamBam answered, “Malaysia and Thailand are like brothers..”means that he can’t choose one, haha..

Having been the first fan meeting after the controversial fan meeting by another boy band few months ago, thankfully the event went by smoothly. Other than screaming fans, the boys followed all the regulations, even wearing gloves during the hi-touch event (to avoid skin ship with Muslim girls).

GOT7 1st Fan Meeting in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 5

At the show, GOT7 performed their hits such as Stop-Stop It, Gimme, Moonlight, Forever Young, A, Girls Girls Girls and Bounce. During Girls Girls Girls, the most awaited moment for fans is when Mark and Jackson does their back-flip, and like any event, they didn’t disappoint earning loud screams from not only the fan girls, but also male fans in the crowd. Well, who wouldn’t as it was perfectly timed without a glitch!

The fan services given by the boys were also 100% as the fans were delighted with all the acts that they boys performed on stage. In 1 segment, BamBam asked “Saya comel tak?” (which means Am I cute?) in which the fans replied ‘YES!’ But then BamBam made the fans laugh when he continued with “Kamu lagi comel” (You are cuter).

GOT7 1st Fan Meeting in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

We think the best part of the event is when the boys were challenged to dance a traditional Malay dance. A video of a group performing Zapin was shown on screen for a few seconds. They were then asked to dance just like how they saw it on the screen. Without much hesitation, they all started moving according to the music, though the dance was not performed as it was shown, both the boys and the fans had fun and they managed to learn some of our culture.

In another segment called Guess What Is In The Box?, the boys were shown a few pictures of our traditional heritage such as the Tengkolok, Terompah, The Rambutan Fruit, an Orangutan soft toy, Ketupat Rice Case (sarung ketupat), the Mangosteen fruit, and some Murukku. Though they forgot what they saw on the screen and did not manage to guess what was in the box, they interacted with the fans and managed to get the answers from them. The cutest part was when Youngjae donned the Tengkolok the wrong way and Jr. could not stop eating the Murukku and started feeding each of the members, the translator and even the MC some of it.

GOT7 1st Fan Meeting in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 6

Trying to steal attention from fans, Jr. kept mentioning Aku Cinta Padamu (I love you) to the fans, resulting in more deafening screams. Jackson was touched when the stage was dimmed and a birthday cake was brought on stage to celebrate his birthday (Jackson’s birthday is on March 28). Before blowing the candles along with all the other 6 members of GOT7, Jackson made a very long wish (we hope we are in your wish too, Jackson).

To fans dismay, the event had to end, instead of a sad separation, the event ended on a happy note by both GOT7 and the fans. We hope to see you again in Malaysia, GOT7!

We would like to thank Erama Creative for the invitation.

More photos : Press Conference & Fan Meeting

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