MISO: Baebijang-jeon, A Captivating Korean Art Performance

MISO Baebijangjeon Korean theatre press conference

When we are talking about Korean theater, most of Korean fans know how Korean people enjoys these kind of art performances. To experience it ourself, IME Productions had invited K-popped! to watch  MISO : Baebijang-jeon  at Sunway Putra Hotel Grand Ballroom last Sunday.

The MISO : Baebijang-jeon is  one of must-see Korean Traditional Art Performance. The tagline “Who can blame you if you fall in love with a seductress” tickles our curiousity on what the story is all about. MISO which means “beautiful smile” is JeongDong Theater Art Performance Brand name and Baebijang–jeon is one of many MISO series that is now showing at Jeong Dong Theater. Baebijang–jeon is a story set on Joseon Era. It is about a noble man named Secretary Bae (Actor Lee Hyuk) who has been appointed as Government Secretary in Jeju Island. Being a loyal husband, Secretary Bae made promised with his wife to never fall for any woman during his service in Jeju. While Ae-rang (Actress Cho Hanul) is a beauty with brain who accepted the District Magistrate offers on seducing Secretary Bae to show his true color.

MISO Baebijangjeon Korean theatre in Malaysia 2

This 8-chapter performance consists  traditional Korean dance, music and singing (pansoori) which are very captivating. Each chapter grows beautifully and we didn’t even realize that we were driven really fast towards the end of it. The supporting actors and actresses has made the story line even livelier with the great acting, light humor, singing and dancing in traditional way that we can only see on Joseon drama showed  on TV. As the characters from Joseon Era are not an easy roll to cast, Actor Lee Hyuk mentioned that the casting team practice really hard for the show every single day so that they could present the best performance to the audiences as they are representing Korean culture and history.

MISO Baebijangjeon Korean theatre in Malaysia 3

When being ask  about why he chose Malaysia as one of the country to promote MISO, Director Jeong Hyun Wook says that  apart from grabbing opportunity on a rapid-growing market of Korean entertainment in Malaysia, he wants to promote Korean traditional arts to Malaysia fans with the hope that Korean Traditional arts will be receiving  a lot of love and interest as much as KPOP does.

MISO Baebijangjeon Korean theatre in Malaysia 4

For those who have missed the show and planning on going for a trip to Korea anytime in the future, don’t forget to catch MISO : Baebijang-jeon in Korea  and experience it yourself. The show  will be showing at Jeongdong Theather near City Hall everyday  except Monday.  And those who are in Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand keep calm and wait for MISO : Baebijang-jeon at your country as they are planning to visits you too soon.

A big thanks to IME Productions for the invitation.

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  • March 11, 2015 at 10:57 am

    A traditional Korean art performance is always something that one should experience, even if just once in a lifetime. Cultural shows with a setting during the Joseon Era is always captivating, so much culture and history unfolded during that period. So glad you were able to enjoy MISO. Basing on the photos, that performance must have been really awesome.

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