[Exclusive] AMBER talks about Beautiful & confesses she cried in Real Men..

“I want you, to.. shake that brass” croons the young lady who goes by the name AMBER. Like getting new wings, the rapper from the girl group f(x) recently released her debut solo mini album Beautiful, and K-popped!, sat down and had a chat with her. 

AMBER, a member of the group f(x) recently came out with a solo album. The album Beautiful, a mix of funky,and R&B is something new thast came out from the young lady who is always misunderstood. Is she a rapper? A singer? Let’s read on..

The solo album talk was awkward at first… 

We were curious as to how the solo album came about and AMBER mentioned that it was a-w-k-w-a-r-d! Fans would probably know that AMBER likes composing songs and had her songs published before. I just went to the management with my songs and let them know my desire to have a solo album – its not a traditional way of making an album and its weird because I’m doing my own music now and doing things on my own but its fun, a challenge but I’m learning a lot, says AMBER. And it paid off! In the album fans will learn a new side of AMBER.

There’s no concept but just trying to be myself…

AMBER just sat down with the creative team and try to present herself in the album. The title track Beautiful was self composed 4 years ago and made it in the album (listen to it peeps!)

I dont force myself to write music but I write music as I feel it – a recipe for a beautifully written track! The songs that she wrote is from her own experience or someone who’s close to her, and a song is produced.

Tell us about Shake That Brass..

Shake That Brass is the single of the mini album Beautiful. A dancy, fun, urban hip hop track written by AMBER and Design Music. Its a track where you can just enjoy yourself. In the song, Teayeon from Girls Generation was featured. She has an angelic voice and just amazing.. when I called her for the album, she agreed to help me.. and that’s where it began!

There were many famous idols in the music video for Shake That Brass..

The music video director previously directed f(x) videos like Hot Summer and Rum Pum Pum. For Shake That Brass, he just tried to bring out AMBER’s personality. Turns out that the creative director came out with the band scene and proposed the idea of bringing in AMBER’s friends. The scene was a success after talks with the management and director, which resulted in a funny scene where AMBER just enjoys herself with friends.

My favourite track off this album..

The self written song Beautiful was chosen by AMBER as the song defines her and the message is just reminding everyone to be happy and beautiful in their own way and that challenges in life is going to make someone stronger.

Difference between AMBER f(x) and AMBER  as a solo artiste.

According to AMBER, comparing herself when she is in f(x) and going solo, in the group, her personality is edgier, dark and more feminine (compares herself to a superhero – has multiple personalities). f(x) to AMBER is always a challenge when there are  always changes and learning curves to evolve as a group. From the experience gained with f(x), it shapes the AMBER that the fans know now.

Expectations from the new album..

Rather than expecting something, AMBER hopes to meet the fans more, get to know them and perform for the fans who can’t travel to Korea often (we hope to see you in Malaysia soon!)

On being the first in f(x) with a solo debut..

The members have been very supportive through out her journey on being a solo singer.  They’ve always listen to the demos I’ve made, giving me support, choosing songs and they’ve guided me, gave motivation and have always been there for me, thank you girls, said AMBER.

Up-tempo vs slow songs..

In the album, there’s a mix of up-tempo (Shake That Brass) and slow songs (Beautiful), so which one is more AMBER? I’m really bi-polar where I can be very hyper and sometimes I’m sensitive and quiet. The album represents both sides of AMBER in every part of her life, be it happy or sad.

Best part of preparing for the album…

Writing songs is the best part for AMBER, but when it comes to preparing for the album, AMBER chose practicing for the dance moves. Working with the choreographer who knows her and always trying to bring out the best of her is also a time that she cherishes.

Future solo plan…

When asked about future solo plans, AMBER mentioned that the album is just like a teaser, where you have a taste of what AMBER can bring to the music industry. Just going with the flow and let the future guide her (in terms of music genre and time).

Leisure time..

Just like anyone on the streets, when with friends, AMBER would just hang around with friends, watch movies, play pool, bowling, especially playing basketball or running. She also write songs and edit videos with her friends. AMBER also added that her circle of friends are a bit ‘weird’ where they play around just like little kids and keep it fresh! (we do that too – forever young :))

Biggest challenge of being in Real Men – Female Soldier Special

Being unfamiliar with the environment makes me feel scared of everything.  I didn’t want to bring down the other cast members and be a bother to them – I cried, but I was really lucky as they were really supportive and helpful (like members of f(x)). The language barrier was also tough as the terms used by the drill sergeant were not terms that are used in everyday life (in Korea).

Goal in 2015..

In 2015, AMBER aims to be more comfortable, in being herself. Share the love and happiness that she has with people around her.. and that’s her goal for 2015… and the coming years.

Message to fans..

To my fans in Malaysia, I really miss you guys, I miss the energy and the beautiful city. I hope to see you guys soon, so wait a little bit.

That’s it from AMBER and K-popped! Give your support for AMBER and f(x) readers!

We would like to thank AMBER and SM Entertainment for the time spent in having this interview.

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